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CIPD Student Stories: Claire | CIPD Level 7 Diploma Review

Claire chose to study her CIPD Level 7 Diploma with us because she always wanted to advance her career in HR, but was never able to find the right time. Discover more about her story. 

I have been working in Human Resources Management for six years and had achieved my CIPD Level 3 through college.

I'm very proud to work for a company that has grown substantially over the past four years, as I have played a fundamental role in developing the Human Resources policies, processes, and company culture.

I’ve always wanted to complete my CIPD Level 7, but the time was never right with my busy home and work life. 

However, I decided that it was time to enhance my knowledge and challenge myself.

I discussed different options with my colleagues, and they all seemed to have had positive experiences learning with ICS Learn.

I decided to call ICS Learn and discuss the course options available.

I discussed the opportunity to complete the CIPD Certificate instead of the CIPD Diploma qualification due to the length of time it would take to complete the qualification.

The team was extremely knowledgeable and advised me that the Diploma would be more beneficial to me and my future career and so I decided to sign up for the CIPD Level 7 Human Resources Management Diploma.

I wanted the flexibility to complete the course in my own time so that I could manage my workload and family at home.

I’ve always learned via classroom and at first I found motivating myself to study was quite difficult.

However, once I gave my full attention to the resources ICS Learn offers, I found things fairly simple to navigate.

I find that the webinars are extremely useful and are an engaging tool with an opportunity to ask questions and support one another.

I firmly believe that both the theory I have learned and continue to learn with ICS Learn and the practical, hands-on element of working within Human Resources will provide me with great opportunities for the future.

I would happily recommend ICS Learn to anyone looking to study with flexibility. The support and resources available are fantastic.

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