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CIPD Student Stories: Chris Lovisa | CIPD Level 7 Review

Chris Lovisa

CIPD Level 7

Chris was looking to elevate his career and start seeking more senior roles. After considering all his options, he decided to study a CIPD Level 7 qualification with ICS Learn.

Having spent many years in HR in a variety of management roles, my motivation to undertake this course was to support my future career progression. I spent a couple of months enquiring as to the various learning options that might be available to me.

As a family man in full time employment I wanted to find a solution that supported my work life balance, and would provide me with the flexibility to study and learn around a schedule that would work for me.

I came across ICS Learn and was very impressed with the course offer they provided, as well as the student reviews which were glowing.

I can honestly say my experience studying with ICS Learn from start to finish has been excellent. I have found the online platform and course materials informative and easy to navigate. For the majority of the course I was able to be self-sufficient in my studies, however, when I did require support from my tutor it was first class. This was particularly evident earlier this year when I was studying my investigating a business issue module.

The support and guidance that I received to help me complete this module was excellent and made a meaningful difference to the result I was able to achieve.

I might also add that when I have required support from the Student Services Team, I have always found them to be professional, efficient and hugely supportive. This was particularly true during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 when I was required to work significantly more hours in my job role and was unable to invest the hours I needed in my studies.

The reassurances and support that I was given during this unprecedented time was exactly what was required in that moment.

Completing my Level 7 Advanced Diploma has given me the skills, knowledge and confidence to continue my career progression. In fact, I can say that it has had an immediate impact, as I have been able to move into my first HR Director post this Summer. Furthermore, I am currently in discussion with the CIPD with regards to upgrading my membership to Chartered Member status in the months ahead, which will hopefully serve to support my future career progression going forwards.

I would highly recommend ICS Learn to anyone who is looking to take the next step to support their future career progression.

The flexibility and versatility that online learning provides has been the perfect model for me, and I would imagine many others, who are often attempting to juggle a challenging work life balance with the desire to learn and progress.

The ability to manage your own work schedule with the knowledge that support and guidance is just a click or phone call away is an excellent platform for success.

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