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CIPD Student Stories: Chantell Silcock | CIPD Level 3 Review

Chantell Silcock

CIPD Level 3

Chantell was put on furlough shortly after the pandemic began, however, she took the opportunity to invest her time and study an online CIPD Level 3 qualification with us - giving her the confidence she needed to keep pushing forward despite these challenging times. 

I enrolled with ICS Learn in November 2019, although I didn’t actively start my course until January 2020.

I chose ICS Learn because when I was looking around for appropriate learning providers, ICS Learn had a very good pass rate for the Level 3 CIPD HR qualification, which I was looking to enrol on.

The gentleman who rang me after my initial inquiry was also extremely helpful and positive which made me feel right at ease from the beginning.

I currently work as a production co-ordinator for a small family company and I have been in this job over 5 years, I chose to self-fund my studies in a CIPD course because my interest in HR peaked and I can honestly see my career going down this path.

"Throughout my course, it's only reinforced my hopes of starting a career in HR as I thoroughly enjoyed the course and cannot wait to put it into practice."

- Chantell Silcock

I was originally quite apprehensive about doing an online course as I was worried I would struggle to motivate myself, however, I enjoyed this course so much that I had no problems finding motivation.

Not long after I started this course, the UK went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I was furloughed from my employment and found myself extremely happy I was doing this course because I could focus my energy on my course, which is something I really enjoyed.

I found the classes of good quality from all the tutors, they're interactive and most of the classes are at suitable times (e.g. evenings for those whom are working full time and are doing this course in our own time).

"Every tutor I had was extremely helpful and positive. I’d really recommend ICS Learn to anyone who wants to gain a new qualification and is looking for a good, trustworthy learning provider."

- Chantell Silcock

After being on furlough for just over 4 months, this course gave me something to get up for every day and has made me really excited for a future in HR.

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