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CIPD Student Stories: Carys Jones | CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma

Carys had to gain her Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management within the first three years of her new role, find out how she is getting on in her course below. 

I currently work as a HR Officer within a local authority in Wales, a role I have been in for just over 18 months. A requirement of the role was to become Level 7 CIPD qualified within 3 years and as the majority of courses were being offered online at the time I started in the role, I looked for a provider that had experience in offering such courses, as well as one that would still offer the necessary support whilst studying from afar, something which I felt was especially important.

I began studying towards the Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management in July 2022 and have just completed my fourth module of eight.

I find the tutor support helpful and quick to respond to any queries or concerns I might have. I also find assessment feedback to be constructive and useful and again, this feedback is provided in a timely manner.

Another advantage of studying with ICS Learn for me was the option to choose your final module yourself, which has allowed me to choose one that I hope will benefit me in my future career plans and learn more about Wellbeing at Work, an area in which I hope to specialise in.

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Diploma, I will move up a paygrade and so from a financial perspective, being Level 7 qualified will be of huge benefit to me. Having the Diploma will also enable me to progress in future, specifically for roles that require the qualification to be eligible for interview.

I would recommend ICS Learn for those who are considering studying towards a CIPD qualification online. I’ve found the flexibility of the course and the ability to submit as and when you are ready (for some modules) to be a big advantage. I also find the classes interesting and well-run.


If you are like Carys and need to gain a qualification in order to do your role successfully, speak to one of our expert advisers today. 

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