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CIPD Student Stories: Camilla De Santis | CIPD Level 5 Review

Camilla De Santis

CIPD Level 5

Camilla wanted to advance her career in HR, so she took on a CIPD Level 5 qualification online with us and is so glad she did! Learn more about her experience below.

I am currently studying my CIPD Level 5 qualification. I became a manager within the hospitality sector not long ago, and there was no training planned for me by my company as they believed I didn’t need it as I have been working for them for 4 years.

I decided to enrol in a course that could help me to improve myself, succeed in my new role, but more than anything, something that gives me the opportunity to develop my working principles and eventually open different doors for my career.

I chose ICS Learn because I did not have a routine, my working time was different every week, and ICS Learn gave me the opportunity to study flexibly.

I was completely free to decide: when, where, and how long to study. That freedom has also taught me how to organise myself, how to plan my week, and how to follow my plan instead of just go day by day.

In the beginning, studying was a bit difficult, but the tutors helped me a lot. I often emailed them, asking for help or feedback and some of my assessments have been evaluated in 2 hours which is AMAZING.

The course also helped me to create a network, where I sometimes asked for advice or opinions about difficult work situations, and I can say some of my career goals have been achieved because of what I've learned from the course and the people I virtually met.

During COVID-19, studying has been salvation. I could speed up as much as I want, I could study for hours, without waiting for a scheduled classroom time. It also helped me to keep myself busy and focus, without falling into a pessimistic mental state of mind.

It gives me the motivation to wake up to achieve something, despite what's happening outside during this difficult time. 


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