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CIPD Student Stories: Bernadette Aquino | CIPD Level 7 Review

Recent graduate Bernadette enrolled on our CIPD Level 7 HR course to gain new knowledge and enhance her skills as a Human Resources Officer.

I’m Bernadette and I am currently studying Level 7 Human Resources Management via ICS Learn whilst working full-time at an International NGO as a Human Resources Officer.

I only graduated 2 years ago from Uni and never would have thought that I would study again. However, as I started working, I suddenly missed gaining knowledge, researching and being able to learn more about theories that can actually be used in the workplace.

I have been able to use my studies in making decisions at work and able to relate the practical way of my work to my academic studies.

I visited my old Uni for an open day to potentially study a Master’s degree on a part time basis. Although they offer evening lessons, it wasn't practical for me due to my work location.

In addition to that, is the thought of Student Loan and I know that I would stress out about the costs and knowing the loan is sitting waiting to be paid.

I then heard from a colleague that ICS Learn offer the equivalent course online.

At first, I was shocked as I never would have thought that Master’s equivalent would be available as an online course.

For me that was the best information I gathered, and I did not think twice before enrolling as the course offered the flexibility I needed whilst working full time.

The ICS Learn finance plan is helpful as I can pay it monthly without any interest which made paying for the course easier and manageable.

It is much less stressful knowing it is being paid and it is much cheaper than University cost. I find it very affordable with the monthly fee.

I am also able to study on my own time without restrictions to my schedule.

There are online classes available and, of course, there may be times where I’ve had to work late and personal circumstances that are unavoidable which meant missing an online class. However, there are also recordings available, so I didn't feel like I missed out on anything.

The tutors on my modules are friendly and approachable which has made me feel very supported throughout the course.

The online student community is also available when needed.

Of course, at the beginning it’s be hard to find motivation because it's online and you may think there are no strict deadlines so there's no push for you to commit every week to study, but this is all up to you.

As a student and working full time, all I could ask for is the flexibility and I am able to have that with ICS Learn.

In the end, it will all come down to your dedication to studying but at least you know that ICS Learn offers a great learning platform.

I highly recommend ICS Learn and I know that if I want to study again after my course now, I'd be able to choose ICS Learn as my learning platform.


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