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CIPD Student Stories: Ben Ventham | Level 5 Associate Diploma

Ben wanted to gain a better understanding around all things HR, hoping to both excel in the role he is now and open future career opportunities. He's currently studying towards his Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management, find out more in his story below. 

I am currently working as the Global Talent Acquisition Lead for Enabling Functions at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.

With ICS Learn, I am undertaking the CIPD Level 5 course, which I find to be a valuable opportunity for gaining better insights into the HR world, strengthening my understanding of people management, and exploring potential career options in HR.

The reason I chose to study with ICS Learn is because they provide an excellent opportunity and platform for completing the course remotely and at my own pace. This flexibility allows me to balance my studies with my other commitments.

Initially, I had some reservations about choosing online learning, mainly concerning the level of support I would receive throughout the program.

However, I am pleased to say that ICS Learn has exceeded my expectations. They offer a depth of support and learning materials that have been immensely helpful in my learning journey.

Regarding the course and tutor support, I have found it to be outstanding. The tutors are readily available to provide on-demand support for any questions or queries I may have.

The learning platform is intuitive and provides easy access to key learning materials, which has contributed to my positive learning experience.

Though I am still in the process of completing the course, it has already had a positive impact on my professional development. I have gained valuable knowledge and understanding of people management, the people profession, and a broader awareness of the HR role.

I believe this qualification will open up new opportunities for my future career prospects.

I wholeheartedly recommend ICS Learn to others looking to pursue professional qualifications. Their learning platform is great, and the supportive learning community and tutors have made the learning experience enriching. Being able to complete the course in my own time and remotely has been a significant advantage.


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