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Human Resources Student Stories:
CIPD Student Stories: Ben Nicoll | Level 3 Review

Ben Nicoll

CIPD Level 3

Ben chose to study his CIPD Level 3 Diploma with us to start his career in Human Resources. Learn more about his learning journey below. 

I currently work as an Investment Operations Officer with FNZ UK Ltd., who operates within the financial services industry.

I am one of the lucky ones during this pandemic – I was not placed on furlough as I was able to work from home (since a few weeks before the start of lockdown). I work full-time and am managing to juggle 40 hours a week of work as well as manageable chunks of course work each night.

ICS Learn helps make it very flexible!

I chose to enrol on ICS Learn’s CIPD Level 3 Foundation Diploma in HR Practice in mid-February before the pandemic was officially announced. 

I have always aspired to go into Human Resources but didn’t quite know how to get there and who would be able to get me there.

I had never worked in HR prior to or during this decision-making period (I have only ever worked in sales briefly, administration, and now financial operations), so it was a daunting thought to take on. 

One of my friends, who I used to work with at the time, was telling me about the course she had done and had the same aspirations as me to go into the HR profession. She explained all the courses to me – what they entailed, etc. – and I was intrigued by it all! She recommended ICS Learn to me.

As soon as I got in touch with ICS Learn, they were nothing but approachable and professional. They gave me a whole host of options that would suit what I needed to learn and offered great value for money. The enrolment process was quick, easy, and seamless!

Having left school around four years ago, I went straight into a job without going to university or college, so I thought I had left my studying days behind me…boy, was I wrong! It is a lot of work, but at the same time, it is enjoyable and very rewarding. 

I am already starting to see development in myself as a professional, as well as my knowledge of how business works and the world of HR – and that is only half-way through the course! 

The wealth of knowledge the tutors have is fantastic and they are only a quick e-mail away through the Student Connect functionality, night and day, if you are ever stuck or need clarity on a certain aspect of the course. 

You can also set up phone calls with your tutors in order to run through something verbally – I know first-hand that it’s sometimes easier to understand something when you hear it as opposed to reading it in an e-mail.

The tutors also run live classes on the run-up to your final assignment in order to pass the modules throughout the course.

What’s even better is that here are pre-recorded classes so you can watch whenever it suits you, even to watch back if you didn’t quite catch all the content the first time around.


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