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CIPD Student Stories: Akosua Gyimah Amponsah | CIPD Level 7 Review

Akosua Gyimah Amponsah

CIPD Level 7

Looking to kickstart and excel in her HR career, Akosua took on a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in HR to get the ball rolling. Find out more about her story below. 

I was working as a project lead with an SME in the Makeup and Beauty industry until June 2020 to prepare myself for a career in HR as I've always desired.

I've been passionate about Human Resources since high school and decided to choose that as my career path. I wanted to equip myself with the right knowledge, skills and qualifications for the right opportunities.

I already had an HR background from my ICM diploma and advanced diploma but I believed there was so much more in-depth knowledge I needed to acquire after my bachelor’s degree.

I was working at the time but still wanted to pursue a credible and more advanced qualification in the field while maintaining my full-time job, that was when my search started and eventually led me to ICS learn, which I highly recommend.

It took me quite a while but it eventually popped up in one of my google searches and I emailed them to make inquiries.

The representative offered to give me a call for further discussions after sending me all the necessary information to explain things better (that same day!) which was actually awesome because it made the enrolment process so feasible.

The best thing about ICS Learn and another reason I would highly recommend them is that they have a flexible payment plan that allows you to make payment in instalments for 44 months! I enrolled in August 2019 and I have had the peace of mind to study while continuing my payments till now.

I was particularly looking to study online for flexibility and ICS learn provides 100% online tutor and non-academic support within a reasonable time frame. The tutors are just lovely as they respond to you within the quickest time and provide all the support you need.

The CIPD advanced diploma in HR has been quite exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. I am currently left with a research paper and two exams which make me a little nervous but I am comforted by all the continuous support I have from the staff at ICS Learn, both teaching and non-teaching.

At the time of my bachelor’s degree, I thought I had much knowledge in the field of HR but this qualification has exposed me to so much more than I could imagine and makes me confident that I am being well-prepared for a successful career in Human Resource Management.

The tutors provide practical and easy-to-understand study material helps me think and reason like a professional HR expert though I'm not currently in the field.

Upon completion of my qualification, my major plan is to find a job opportunity in the field to kick start my career and I strongly believe studying with ICS Learn is a huge stepping stone and this is why I recommend it to anyone reading this looking to start an online professional qualification.

Thank you ICS Learn for your immense support.

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