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Career Paths with AAT Level 4 Diploma: Where Can It Take You?

For most people looking to launch a lucrative career in finance, investing in an AAT qualification is the way to go.

The Association of Accounting Technicians is a global leader for the training of finance professionals, offering internationally recognised qualifications. These can equip you with the practical, industry-based accountancy and finance skills that are most in-demand by employers. 

AAT qualifications are usually used as a benchmark for employers to assess how far finance candidates have the right skills and knowledge to excel in such a role. 

With qualifications offered at different levels, depending on the knowledge and experience you already have, choosing the right AAT qualification will greatly depend on the current stage of your career and where you want to get to. You can also take a look at our handy infographic to see where an AAT qualification can take you. 

In this blog, though, we explore the career opportunities you can expect to be open to you once you have completed an AAT Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting and what the salaries of those look like in the UK. 

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AAT Salary Data

Firstly, here’s a quick note about our salary range and where they’ve been sourced from. We’ve extracted the data on typical and salary ranges you will see below from the Hays UK Salary & Recruiting Trends 2024 guide - perhaps the UK's best guide to salaries - to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date salary information. 

The guide details information on the typical salaries you can find in the UK, across professional roles, sectors and industries.

AAT Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting 

The AAT Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting is designed for experienced financial professionals who are looking to develop their career and move from mi-level finance roles to senior positions. The course is best suited to those who are already employed in the finance and accounting sector with at least 12 years of proven practical experience. 

Along with that, the AAT Level 4 Diploma is the ideal course for professionals seeking an entry route into Chartered Level qualifications, such as the ACCA, or simply wanting to gain the AAT Full Membership

It is the most advanced qualification learners can study with AAT and it focuses on providing you with the appropriate blend of knowledge, skills and expertise to help you excel in any senior finance role. In the course you’ll study a combination of three core modules along with your choice of two optional units, which include: 

Core Units:

  • Drafting and Interpreting Financial Statements 
  • Applied Management Accounting
  • Internal Accounting Systems and Controls 

Optional Units:

  • Business Tax
  • Personal Tax
  • Audit and Assurance 
  • Credit and Risk Management 
  • Cash and Financial Management 
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Career Path

As this is the highest level of AAT you can study, it is very rare that people start off with the Level 4 Professional Diploma, as it requires already established knowledge about everything covered in the Level 2 Certificate and the Level 3 Diploma.

As already mentioned, if you're looking to take on a senior accounting and finance role, while you’re currently in a mid-level position, or want to fast-track your qualification to acquire a Chartered Accountant status, then this is the role for you!

In order to gain this qualification, you’ll need to sit 5 computer-based exams in person at an AAT-approved exam centre, one for each module you study. The exams will involve a mixture of short-form questions (e.g. multiple choice), calculations and written answers. 

Once you have successfully gained your qualification, you’ll have the chance to become an AAT Affiliate Member, and have the tools and capabilities to take your career to new heights, which might involve:

  • Taking on a senior accounting roles such as Payroll Manager or VAT Accountant,
  • Establishing your own accountancy firm, or
  • Joining a fast-track programme to eventually become a fully-qualified Chartered Accountant.

You’ll then, also be eligible to apply for the Full AAT Membership (MAAT) or become an AAT Fellow (FMAAT), once you’ve managed to build up the necessary work experience. 

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Jobs you can get with an AAT Level 4 Diploma 

Here are some of the typical jobs professionals who have gained an AAT Level 4 Diploma are qualified for, along with the salaries you can expect across the UK.

Accounts Payable Supervisor 


Average salary range: £35,000 - £42,000

Typical salary: £40,000

Outside of London 

Average salary range: £26,000 - £40,000

Typical salary: £33,000

Payroll Manager


Average salary range: £45,000 - £70,000

Typical salary: £60,000

Outside of London

Average salary range: £35,000 - £65,000

Typical salary: £49,000

VAT Accountant 


Average salary range: £50,000 - £65,000

Typical salary: £60,000

Outside of London

Average salary range: £40,000 - £ 65,000

Typical salary: £55,000

Tax Supervisor 


Average salary range: £53,000 - £73,000

Typical salary: £64,000

Outside of London 

Average salary range: £38,000 - £65,000

Typical salary: £50,000

Finance Analyst 


Average salary range: £55,000 - £75,000

Typical salary: £70,000

Outside of London 

Average salary range: £40,000 - £75,000

Typical salary: £55,000

UK Tax Manager 


Average salary range: £80,000 - £95,000

Typical salary: £90,000

Outside of London 

Average salary range: £50,000 - £80,000

Typical salary: £65,000

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AAT Qualifications: Invest in your career

Many people, in various industries, choose to invest in further education to help accelerate their career. While practical experience in the financial role can undoubtedly help you build up the basic skills and knowledge to kickstart your career, gaining an AAT accredited qualification will enable you to showcase your expertise to future employers.  

With a huge variety of different AAT qualification levels to choose from, it’s not surprising why the Associate of Accounting Technicians is such a highly regarded body in the accounting and finance industry. 


Identify which level best suits you, your current role and your career aspirations, enrol, and watch you reach new heights. Enrol today.

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