One of the key factors that you’re going to need to need to consider when choosing a professional qualification is (groan) its cost.

After all, if you’re going to be putting that much time, effort and money into something, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal.

We decided to have a closer look into how much AAT qualifications cost, and the factors that influence that, so that you can save money when you’re choosing your study. Let’s go.

AAT qualifications

The Association of Accounting Technicians is the world’s leading professional body for vocational accountancy, with over 150,000 members across the world. They issue a range of qualifications at entry-level, intermediate and advanced skill levels.

These qualifications are globally recognised by employers, meaning your AAT qualification will be recognised by employers around the world.

What affects the cost of an AAT qualification?

There are a lot of factors that affect that price of AAT qualifications. The most common ones are:

The provider

You might be surprised to learn that AAT prices aren’t set in stone by the association itself: they actually vary from learning provider to provider. In effect, learning providers set the prices of the qualification, based on guidelines from the AAT.

The study format you choose

You’ll be able to study AAT courses in three formats: either in a classroom, online, or a mixture of the two (known as ‘blended learning’).

If you choose to study in a classroom, you’ll have to attend a physical class in person every week. This will normally be in an educational setting, like a school or college. The sessions will be led by a tutor and you’ll learn with other students at the same time.

Classes like this are usually run according to a strict schedule and are designed to be completed within a certain number of months. These types of courses are usually the most expensive study option.

If you study online, you’ll have digital access to all of the course lectures, materials and activities and you’ll work through them either at your own pace or on a set schedule alongside other students. The only time you’ll need to go to a school, college or university is to sit your exams.

Online AAT courses often offer a much more flexible schedule than classroom courses, with some providers (like us!) giving you the freedom to choose where, where and how often you study. This makes it great for people juggling the demands of a full-time job or a family.

Online AAT courses are also usually a lot cheaper than classroom courses.

The qualification itself

How advanced the qualification is will also have an effect on how much it costs to study.

You’ll usually find that entry-level AAT qualifications, like the AAT Level 2 Certificate are cheaper to study than more advanced qualifications like the AAT Level 4 Diploma.

This reflects the length of study, complexity of information covered in the course, and the long-term value that the qualification will give you.


Many providers offer packages that include some of the costs associated with AAT qualifications too, like exam centre fees and AAT membership. These packages range from all-inclusive ones that cover the cost of everything, to targeted packages that cover particular costs.

So, how much do AAT qualifications actually cost?

As you read above, the price of AAT qualifications will vary according to the qualification, learning provider and the format that you choose.

AAT Level 2 course cost

The AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting is designed for people at the very start of their finance careers. It's designed to give you a solid base of knowledge for you to build on throughout your career in the industry. 

AAT Level 2 cost:  On average, training provider fees range from £600 to £2,000 for this course. AAT registration fees cost £147 for UK students and £137 for international students.

Best for: People approaching accountancy with no prior knowledge or experience, or those who have some accounting experience but haven’t mastered essential skills like double-entry bookkeeping

AAT Level 3 course cost

The AAT Level 3 Diploma is an intermediate qualification, best suited to people who have some experience of accountancy already and are comfortable with double-entry bookkeeping. It’s a useful way to develop the skills and theoretical knowledge you’ll need in more intermediate accountancy roles.

AAT Level 3 cost: It will usually cost between £900 to £2,000 to study this qualification. Again, AAT registration will cost £147 for UK students and £137 for international students.

Best for: People in a junior accountancy role looking to progress their career, or those who have already completed an AAT Level 2 qualification

AAT Level 4 course cost

This is the highest level qualification that AAT offer. The AAT Level 4 Diploma is designed for people with a significant amount of accountancy experience and expertise, who are looking to master the complex skills to thrive in a senior role.

AAT Level 4 cost: Usually, the AAT Level 4 Diploma costs about £1,000 to £3,000. AAT registration fees cost £147 for UK students and £137 for international students.

Best for: Accountancy professionals in intermediate roles, looking to advance to more senior positions, or those who have completed the AAT Level 3 Diploma.

We hope that you’ve got a better idea about how much AAT qualifications cost after reading this article!

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