ICS Learn Complaints Policy


1. Introduction

ICS Learn is committed to providing high quality service and achieving the highest standards of support for all of our students and other stakeholders. The company encourages an environment in which constructive complaints are valued and contribute to the positive experience of everyone who uses our service or is a stakeholder of the company. This policy and the accompanying procedure is designed to encourage prompt resolution of complaints at the earliest possible stage.

We aim to ensure that:

  1. Making a complaint is as simple as possible;
  2. We treat a complaint as any clear expression of dissatisfaction with our service which calls for a response;
  3. Every complaint is dealt with promptly, politely and professionally;
  4. Complaints are responded to in the right way, for instance with an explanation, or an apology where we have got things wrong or information on any action taken etc.
  5. We learn from complaints and use them to improve our service.


    2. Scope

This policy and the accompanying procedure document applies to all complaints made by all ICS Learn stakeholders which includes our students, tutors and other members of staff as well as other external stakeholders of the business, regarding the services offered by the business.


3. Policy Statements

3.1 ICS Learn is committed to treating all valid complaints seriously and assessing them thoroughly.

  • 3.2 A complaint can be defined as an expression of dissatisfaction by an individual or a group of individuals about the standard of a service, action or lack of action by or on behalf of an institution. A complaint may relate to:
  1. The quality and standard of service offered by ICS Learn;
  2. Failure to provide a service that is agreed or promised;
  3. The quality of learning resources;
  4. Treatment by, or attitude of a, member of staff,[1] student, contractor or any other stakeholder;
  5. Inappropriate behaviour by a member of staff, student, contractor or any other stake holder;
  6. Failure by ICS Learn to follow an appropriate administrative process;
  7. Dissatisfaction with the company’s policies or procedures.

3.3 ICS Learn reserves the right to conduct an initial investigation into a complaint but to decline to consider it if it is deemed to be vexatious or where irrational demands are made or where the complainant is unreasonably persistent.

3.4 The company reserves the right to refuse to deal with a complainant who takes an overly aggressive or abusive approach towards any member of staff; all members of staff have a right to be treated courteously and with respect

3.5 Complaints should be raised as soon as problems arise to enable prompt investigation and swift resolution.

3.6 The company requires that staff must record all complaints so that the data can be used for analysis and management reporting. By recording and using complaints information in this way, the causes of complaints can be identified, addressed and, where appropriate, training opportunities can be identified and improvements made to the services offered.

3.7 All formal complaints unless about services offered by an external body which then needs to be referred to them, should be investigated and a response sent to the complainant within 10 working days.


Complaints involving other organisations/contractors

Complaints relating to services offered in conjunction with ICS Learn and other external stakeholders[2], will be considered based on the merit of the complaint. Complaints relating to services provided by the external body on behalf of ICS Learn will either be referred to the relevant officer or department within the particular organisation or dealt with by ICS Learn depending on the nature of the complaint.

The complainant will be informed of which department is dealing with the complaint and given any relevant contact details. Collaboration may be required between ICS Learn and the relevant department at the external body to ensure that the complaint is successfully addressed and resolved.


4. Roles and Responsibilities

Complaints should be made in writing by post or email to the ICS Learn Student Services team.

Once a complaint is received, the Student Services team will refer it to the relevant department for investigation and follow up with the complainant.

Complaints will be dealt with by any member of the relevant team to which it is referred at first instance, depending on the nature of the complaint. Some complaints will need to be dealt with by the relevant Team Manager.

Serious complaints regarding the quality of service offered by ICS Learn and which require a significant amount of money to be refunded to the complainant or more drastic action on the part of the company may be referred to the Director of Education Services or to the Chief Executive Officer depending on the particular case.


5. Associated or Related Documents

This policy document will be applied in conjunction with the ICS Learn Complaints Procedure document.


[1] Members of staff includes freelance tutors, authors and editors whose services are employed by ICS Learn.

[2] External stakeholders include Suppliers, Contractors,  Awarding Organisations or any other entity with which ICS Learn have a business relationship.

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