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CIPS Stories: Chloe | Online CIPS Level 3 Review

Studying an online CIPS qualification has helped Chloe develop her skills and excel in her role as a Purchasing Assistant. 

I am currently studying the Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations. I started the course last year and have currently undertook 2 exams, with 3 still left to take.

My current job role is a Purchasing Assistant, so my company have paid to put me through this course to help grow my knowledge and understanding of the role I am currently in.

I chose to study this course with ICS Learn as I felt this was the best option for me to learn and progress in my role.

To be able to study alongside doing my job has helped me realise what and why certain aspect of my procurement role are done in the way they are and also it has helped me implement new ways of preforming in my role.

Before choosing to study with ICS Learn I was slightly apprehensive as I wasn’t sure what to expect with everything being based online, however, my personal tutors soon put me at ease, and they are there whenever I need to ask a question

For me, being able to learn the theory behind my job has helped me improve my decisions, make progress and have a better understanding of my job

I would recommend ICS Learn to anyone looking to study alongside working as it provides the right amount of help and guidance to learn about certain areas and aspects of a topic or subject whilst working and actually doing the job.


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