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10 Podcasts to Help You Look After Your Mental Health During Coronavirus



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We’re living in a time where we’re facing an overwhelming ‘new normal’ as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make headlines and heavily impact our daily lives.

If you’re finding it hard to step away from the negativity on television and social media, it might be time to try listening to a podcast instead.

A variety of new shows have launched specifically to help people through this unusual time, while other podcasts have released special episodes to address our current state and collective anxiety.

Shifting your mindset and staying connected is key to keeping yourself sane. That’s why we’ve compiled our top 10 podcasts to help you look after your mental health during coronavirus.



1. The Minimalists

This podcast is the #1 health podcast on Apple Podcasts, and for that reason – among others – it’s number one on our list too.

What started as a book has now expanded into a podcast where the hosts, Joshua Field Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, discuss ‘living life with less’ and the positive effects it has on their wellbeing.

Initially, people might think that the point of minimalism is to simply get rid of material possessions, and while it’s true that removing the ‘excess’ is an important component, it’s still only one part of it.

The Minimalists focuses on reducing the clutter in your environment to help make room for the most important things in life which – as it turns out – aren’t things at all.

Trust us, there’s a reason why this podcast has over 50 million downloads.  




2. Emily and Kumail Are Staying In

Hosted by actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiant and his wife, Emily V. Gordon, Staying In proves to be as entertaining as it is insightful.

The couple is used to having to quarantine occasionally as Emily was lives with Still’s disease – a type of inflammatory disorder – meaning she has a reduced ability to fight off infections due to her impaired immune system.  

Since the pair are well-versed in self-isolation and its importance on health, they are equally well-placed to give kind reminders about the importance of staying home and staying safe during this time.

Each episode gives you a chance to listen in on engaging couple-in-quarantine conversations, with added recommendations about what to watch, read, and listen to while you’re cooped up indoors.  




3. The Moth

This podcast is perfect for when you’ve reached the end of your day and you’d like nothing more than to escape the current events headlines.

The Moth podcast features true stories – typically told on a live stage at events around the world – by invigorating storytellers.

The podcast also incorporates re-airs of new episodes of The Moth Radio Hour, as well as stories from their archive that have been recorded over the past two decades.

While all live podcast events are currently on hold due to COVID-19, the archived stories are still very much worth listening to.

Every diverse episode allows for a few stories on a similar theme, often resulting in heart-warming, funny, and eye-opening accounts that will remind you of other people’s experiences in the world – helping you to remember that it’s not all doom and gloom.




4. The Happiness Lab

We think it’s safe to say this one should be required listening.

Dr. Laurie Santos, a Professor of Psychology and creator of the insanely popular ‘happiness course’ at Yale University, invites you to The Happiness Lab podcast.

Using evidence-based science to give tips for leading a more fulfilled and contented life, she completely alters the way you think about happiness – and guess what? It has nothing to do with money, a better job, or your dream vacation.

Now, in response to the coronavirus, Santos has released a set of episodes jam-packed with specific coping strategies to help ease the worry and uncertainty that almost everyone is feeling now and will still be feeling in months to come.

What’s best about Santos is that despite it all, she will keep you listening in and brimming with optimism.



5. The Hilarious World of Depression

Depression is an extremely common disease, yet it’s still often stigmatised by society, making it difficult for some people to talk about.

To combat this, The Hilarious World of Depression offers moving, funny, and straightforward insights through conversations between host, John Moe, and top entertainers – typically comedians – about their experiences with clinical depression.

It may seem like an unusual concept, but those people who have suffered from depression agree that it doesn’t necessarily always mean being down, so a podcast about the topic shouldn’t be either.

Whether you’re having a hard time during all this and simply need a laugh, or you’d like to understand more about depression and its impact, this podcast is well worth a listen.




6. Ten Percent Happier

Dan Harris is known as the ABC newsman who had a panic attack on Good Morning America – an incident that ultimately led him to something he had always thought was ludicrous: meditation.

To his surprise (and the surprise of many others), after benefiting from his new meditation hobby, Harris ended up writing the bestselling book ‘10% Happier’, a spiritual book written for – and by – a man who would otherwise never read such a book.

Harris then started a mobile app called ‘10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics’ and has now started a podcast called – you guessed it – Ten Percent Happier.

In this fun and refreshing podcast, Harris sits down to thoughtful and intellectual conversations with his guests, begging the question about whether there’s anything beyond that additional 10% and whether it’s achievable.

At a time when you’re feeling forced to look outward at the chaos around us, Harris asks you to look inward and focus, instead, on how you can improve.



7. Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Sometimes when someone asks, “How are you?” we want to answer truthfully – especially under the current circumstances – but we never really do that, do we?  

In this podcast, author and host Nora McInerney, encourages you to stop brushing off the “How are you?”  question with answers like, “I’m fine”, and instead be unapologetically honest with yourself and others about how you’re feeling.

Despite tackling some difficult topics, McInerney handles tough conversations incredibly well with an abundance of sensitivity and humour – standing out from other podcasters with her fearlessness in bringing up the subject in the first place.

You’ll find yourself smiling, laughing, and sometimes even cheering as people share their complicated and candid feelings about how they’re really doing.




8. Jen Gotch is OK… Sometimes

The founder of lifestyle brand ‘’, the inspirational Jen Gotch, started this podcast to talk openly about her fears, hardships, and triumphs.

She speaks to listeners in hopes of helping them build on their emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and – above all – to help them feel less alone.

Gotch exposes what it really looks like to be in the middle of figuring things out, and highlights that success, on many levels, is just a front.

She believes that there are many issues – both personally and professionally – that we share as individuals and seldom ever talk about, but that we should be talking about now more than ever.

Her approach is offbeat, original, and spot-on – encouraging you to look at the strength in your vulnerability rather than be afraid of it.



 9. Forever35

Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer, hosts of this popular self-care podcast, have just launched Here for You, a new coronavirus-specific branch of their show.

They use their platform to hold space for conversations about our new way of living, recording daily episodes – while maintaining social distancing – from their Los Angeles homes where they are also currently in lockdown.

Shafrir and Spencer invite you to fill them in on what you’ve been up to during self-isolation while offering sound updates and advice on the reality of our current situation.

The overall effect is an authentic and truly comforting conversation, reminding us that we’re all in this together even while we’re apart.



10. A Mindful Moment

It’s normal to feel uprooted and out of place as coronavirus makes its way around the world, but Teresa McKee, a psychologist and transformation coach, reminds you to continue to stay present, relaxed, and – well – mindful on A Mindful Moment.

Most recently, she’s released episodes on her podcast that address the current environments we’re living in, how to transition working from home, and the panic it all causes.

McKee believes that panicking about the pandemic only increases the risk to yourself and others, and by way of positive conversations with her guests she provides a sense of calm that helps shift your focus away from the fear.

McKee offers a space where you can focus on how you can best help yourself and others through this trying time in the right way – and without added anxiety.

It’s common knowledge that the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus are changing every minute, and there’s no doubt that the uncertainty it causes has affected the mental health and well-being of nearly everyone experiencing this new reality.  

However, perhaps the most important thing to remember during this time – and what these podcasts will confirm for you – is that we really are all in this together.

So, listen closely! You might just find what you’ve been needing to hear.

Need a mental break from reading about the coronavirus? Channel that brainpower into something more productive and learn more about progressing your career with us – today!

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