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The 12 Most Interesting HR Pros to Follow on Twitter



Discussions around HR are thriving on Twitter, with pros and new practitioners alike contributing their ideas.

This platform is abuzz with opinions, ideas and thought leadership – all bustling for space in your feed.

We’ve listed 12 of our favourite active HR pros on Twitter, so if you want interesting HR content delivered to your Twitter feed be sure to get following.




Gary Cookson

Speaker, author and ICS Learn tutor Gary Cookson is an active participant in all things HR on Twitter. He’s a regular contributor to various chats, like #HRHour, #LDInsight and #LeadersHour.

Cookson often tweets about everyday scenarios and situations, leading us to a conclusion about HR. These are great insights into the mind of an HR professional who sees ways to improve processes no matter the situation.

He often helps connections by tweeting out requests, which may prove useful to followers looking for new events, speaking engagements and publications.

Follow Gary Cookson @Gary_Cookson


David D’Souza

Membership Director at the CIPD, David D’Souza fills his Twitter feed with snippets from events, research from the CIPD and conversation starters. He also has a regularly-updated blog, often sparking conversation around these blog topics on Twitter.

D’Souza tackles conversations around AI, chatbots, society, and employment law. His wry sense of humour and take on HR keeps his feed engaging, as well as input from other members of the wider Twitter HR community.

Follow David D’Souza @dds180


Simon Heath

Illustrator Simon Heath creates art to reflect the content of various HR talks. His illustrations capture the key concepts and display them in a new way. He regularly works with on talks from CIPD events, so you can often see his illustrations in the hashtags for these events.

Heath’s creations are excellent ways to refresh yourself on the content of a talk and get that inspiration flowing once more. Viewing these visually can even help you to pick up on additional points that you missed the first time around. 

Follow Simon Heath @SimonHeath1




Meg Peppin

Under the handle of @OD_Optimist, Meg Peppin weighs in on organisational design and culture. She shares original thoughts, as well as retweets from other L&D and organisational culture experts. Peppin excels in boiling down complex opinions and actions within the 280-character limit.

If you want to read more of her thoughts, you can also check out her blog for expanded posts. Challenge your thinking and gain new perspective by following her Twitter account.   

Follow Meg Peppin @OD_Optimist


Charles Goff-Deakins

ICS Learn student, blogger and author Charles Goff-Deakins is also a great person to follow on Twitter. His blog, The Avid Doer, contains lots of valuable advice, which Goff-Deakins elaborates on in conversations on his Twitter feed.

He often tweets and retweets useful career resources, to help his followers take their career to the next level. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in HR, then be sure to follow his account.

Follow Charles Goff-Deakins @CharlesGoffDeak


Natalie Ellis

HR with added sparkle is on the agenda with Natalie Ellis, as she seeks to popularise HR acts of kindness. What does this mean? Well, Ellis advocates for HR practitioners to be kind and human, to spread positivity through the organisation.

By following her on Twitter, you’ll get updates from her blog, news on the latest HR events and commentary on her CIPD journey with us. You’ll find positivity and optimism in droves on her updates, with helpful guidance on how to improve your own HR practice.

Follow Natalie Ellis @NatalieEllisHR


Simon Fanshawe

When it comes to diversity and equality, Simon Fanshawe shares actionable insights and perspectives that you may not have considered. Fanshawe consults with organisations to improve their commitments to diversity and recently won HR Magazine’s Most Influential Thinker award.

Through the course of his Twitter feed, you’ll often see Fanshawe challenging opinions and joining in on wider discussions. His contributions around gender, sexuality and diversity at work can be thought provoking for HR practitioners.

Follow Simon Fanshawe @SimonFanshawe




Ciprian Arhire

Leading up HR projects and programmes at the CIPD, Ciprian Arhire regularly tweets about policy, inclusion, diversity, bullying and other hot topics in HR. Through his tweets, you can get a glimpse into London events and news impacting the HR function.

He’s a regular contributor to #HRHour chats, so you can look forward to hearing Arhire’s views in these fantastic weekly discussions. If you’re looking for a unique viewpoint, delivered to your feed, then we’d recommend following Arhire’s profile.

Follow Ciprian Arhire @Ciprian_Arhire


Clare Mulligan-Foster

If you want to know more about the future of work and the neuroscience that drives it, you should be following Clare Mulligan. She’s a business psychologist and coach, as well as a firm advocate for flexible working.

She shares great psychological information from reputable sources, which you can use to influence your day to day role. Using these insights, you can relate better to those around you and work to better understand your colleagues.

Follow Clare Mulligan-Foster @ClareMulligan_


Edward Houghton

Head of research at the CIPD Edward Houghton can often be seen on stage sharing his thoughts, but you can also head to his Twitter profile for more. By following Houghton, you can expect to see original research, news and events that will help you to become a better HR practitioner.

Houghton also shares opinions on trending topics in HR, with an emphasis on emerging technology and AI.

Follow Edward Houghton @EHoughtonCIPD




Andy Lancaster

Head of Learning & Development Content at the CIPD, podcaster, and author Andy Lancaster is also very active on Twitter. Following his feed will give you the low down on the latest research and information from the professional body.

Lancaster’s tweets can give further context and information, which can prove very useful for HR practitioners. His book, Driving Performance Through Learning, is an excellent resource for practitioners that want to learn to align their initiatives with organisational goals.

Follow Andy Lancaster CIPD @AndyLancasterUK


Garry Turner

Garry Turner is well known in the HR sphere, as an author, podcaster and game changer. He heads up The Listening Organisation, which aims to teach leaders to grow their business by focusing on their people.

By following his feed, you can enjoy insight into events and the chance to challenge your opinions with his new take on topics. You’ll find Turner to be honest and he’s definitely not afraid to go against the established thinking.

Follow Garry Turner @garryturner0


Twitter is a great resource for HR professionals, but don’t just take our word for it! Get interacting with your fellow HR practitioners to build up a fantastic network on the platform.


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