In this digital world, computers and smartphones today have become like a second brain that helps students remember all the things they need to do every day in school. In an increasingly complicated and competitive world, students who are studying for their GCSE's or A-levels can greatly benefit from using mobile apps that have been developed especially for them.

These days, students have the option to download and install apps that are suitable to their study needs. These apps promote productive study times and useful resources for studying, note taking and document management. Featured below are our top ten studying apps for high school students that offer a fun and convenient way to study.


This is an app that is quite useful for students who have difficulty remembering their assignments and their deadlines. This free app enables you to monitor your class schedules and manages your assignments for all your lessons. You may also input if you have a test coming, or homework is due.

It offers you a simple approach to viewing your homework. It includes a calendar view with your assignments sorted by date. Any time you click on a particular date, it gives you a listing of your scheduled tasks. You need to register the myHomework app on their site to sync your computer to your mobile phone.


This kind of app is user-friendly, which allows students to take notes, take photos and record videos to help them remember all sorts of things. It comes with additional features such as collaboration of projects and note sharing with friends and classmates. Besides allowing you to record your thoughts and ideas, you can also organize that content into notebooks or folders. Evernote lets you tag your notes, making them easy to search and readily available for recall.


Dropbox keeps documents in a single easy to access location, which is just the thing for storing a plethora of essays and various documents that you accumulate throughout your high school years. It enables you to sync data files from different locations.

This is best used in storing assignments, essay drafts, photos, videos, etc. in a secure and protected location. In line with that, Dropbox uses an online storage system, and that means all your files are safe from any untimely computer breakdowns.

iStudiez Pro

This app belongs in the top ten, as it efficiently tracks assignments and due dates for all your classes. You may opt to label and color code some extracurricular activities and put them together with your class schedule. Having all the details of your schedule in one location makes it convenient for you to plan your responsibilities and organise your work schedule. It has a Today feature that displays your academic and extracurricular activities for a specific day.


The iBooks app allows you to download thousands of books to your mobile device so that they are accessible to you in a portable format. Students generally use this for shorter readings for their classes. Of course, for the majority of courses, it is best to use an actual book. But for smaller readings, iBooks conveniently saves you from carrying a heavy backpack. You can download the books from the iBooks store or  transfer books from your computer  by dragging them to the iBooks app icon in iTunes.


This is the kind of app that saves web pages for you to view later, even though you do not have access to the internet at the time. Instapaper saves web pages as text only files, which makes them extremely easy to read even on your mobile phone. It is most useful for bookmarking pages and articles that are relevant to your class.

To be able to gain access to them even without having a wireless coverage provides you more freedom to study and read anywhere you are. A favorite feature for this app is that you can check out what your friends are reading or select from the curated list of the Editor's Pick's if you are searching for new content to read.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha app is not only a useful tool for math, but it is also a math search engine. The great thing about this app is that it helps make information computable. By this, it means that this math search engine provides you an answer, and also shows you the formula on how it solves that particular problem. Moreover, Wolfram Alpha allows users to find the answer for various other questions including physics or music.


Mathway is can combine the performance of apps like Calculus Solved, College Algebra Solved and Algebra 2 Solved, all-in-one. This provides you with an effective internet and mobile application to solve complicated math equations and scientific expressions. Mathway definitely belongs in our top ten, as it can compute problems in Statistics, Pre-Algebra, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Algebra and Basic Math. Once you have downloaded this app, it does not need an internet connection.
Scanner Pro

This studying app works best at scanning documents quickly and then adding them to the cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Dropbox, or on your camera roll. It is also able to find existing documents that you have previously photographed and convert them into PDFs. Later on, whenever you need them, just open the Scanner Pro to view the documents that it has automatically identified from your photo gallery.


RefME is a type of app that performs the referencing procedure, enabling students to create bibliographies, citations and references instantly by copying and pasting URLs. It supports popular programs like Evernote so that you can export and import your work with your other devices. RefME is one of the top mobile apps for students, as it conveniently enables you to scan the barcodes of books, and store them in Cloud for access in the future.


Mobile devices and apps are changing the way people learn. With more and more students using mobile devices to connect to the web, apps will continue to offer students the possibility to study anytime, anywhere at their own convenience accelerating their progress and guaranteeing better long-term results.


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