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Top 10 Studying Apps for High School Students 2023

Studying for your GCSEs or A Levels can sometimes be stressful and even a little overwhelming - but not to worry! Luckily there are tons of apps out there to get you organised, keep you motivated and on track to reach your academic goals with ease. 

Hit the ground running by using the best that the tech world has to offer. If you’re organised early on, you’re much more likely to create a clear study plan and actually stick to it!

To save you some time, below we’ve put together a list of what we consider to be the top 10 studying apps to help keep you in tip-top study shape! 

Rsz Study Blue

#1 StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes

Flashcards are a great revision aid and this app allows you to take them with you wherever you go!

You can choose to create your own flashcards or search StudyBlue’s library of 400+ million flashcards created by other users. You can easily customise the materials with images and audio making it super simple to learn in a way that works for you.

You can even quiz yourself and track your progress to see yourself improving over time which is great for motivation and lets you see what you need to be working on.

Promising review‘My favourite flashcard app! Love being able to mark if I got it right or wrong and study the wrongs. Allows me to easily weed out the info I already know well.’

Get it on Android or iOS

Rsz Goconqur

#2 GoConqr

If you’re more of a social learner, this is the app for you as it allows you to connect and collaborate with your friends, classmates, or even students on the other side of the world!

You can join in with countless Learning Groups on different study topics, share and post resources, and get feedback and advice from other people studying the same subject.

It’s visual, collaborative and lets you study on the go!

On the 1st May, 2020, GoConqr moved their mobile service from a native app to a web app. You can find out more about what that means here, but in short, it means that the web app can be accessed directly from your web or mobile browser and will never become obsolete. 

Promising review: ‘This is the only study app you'll ever need. Mind maps, quizzes, flashcards, etc. Very easy to use. Love it!’

Check it out on iOS or Android.

Rsz 1Exam Countdown Lite

#3 Exam Countdown Lite

Find it hard to keep track of your upcoming exams? This app provides a handy visual reminder of all your important upcoming dates. You’ll keep yourself focused as you can easily check how much time you’ve got to cram before you sit each exam.

We love the fact that you can colour code all your exams and tests and use icons as a quick visual reference for each subject.  You can also add notes to remind yourself of anything you need to bring on the day.

Promising review: ‘Nicely organised and colourful. Easy to use, simple set up. Great for when you want to see how close you are to finishing and seeing the list of completed exams.’

Get it on Android or iOS.

Rsz 1My Study Life

#4 My Study Life

Designed for high school and uni students, this calendar app lets you build your own timetable to easily keep track of your classes, assignments and exams.

It lets you assign tasks to specific classes and comes with reminders so you don’t forget a thing! Plus, it comes with day and week rotation timetables, so you can easily pop in those classes or assessments that you only have every other week.

Promising review: ‘Excellent App. Tried a few apps similar and this is by far the best. Can't live without it now. Thoroughly recommend.’

Get it on iOS.

Rsz 1Evernote

#5 Evernote

Evernote is way more than just a place to store notes. It’s the ultimate organisation app that lets you add to-do lists, images, webpages, memos and more!

Whatever way you like to keep yourself organised, we’re 99.9% sure there’s a function for it on this app. You can type up notes, handwrite notes and photograph them, store things as word docs or PDFs - it really is the only organiser you’ll ever need!

Promising review: ‘Taking Psychology at the moment and the simplicity of this app makes it very easy for me to take down my notes. It has every feature I want, and it is super easy and ideal to use. I am genuinely impressed by this app’.

Get it on Android or iOS.  

Rsz Simple Mind

#6 SimpleMind

Mind mapping is a great study method as it helps organise your thoughts, spark your memory and come up with new ideas.

With SimpleMind you can create your own mind maps, or you can opt for one of the auto layouts and fill it in. You can work to any scale you like as it boasts a virtually unlimited page size and number of elements.

Promising review: ‘I've tried many other mind map software and find this the best. Love that it has the free-form template option to allow moving topics wherever you want and not forced to the fixed mode. Most mind map software doesn't have this.’

Get it on Android or iOS.  

Rsz 1Headspace

#7 Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness

Getting too stressed? Taking time to relax is just as important as putting in the hours! Meditation can be a great way to unwind as it relaxes and encourages focus which will also help you when you get back to your studies.

Headspace has loads of different courses that are designed to help you with different aspects of your life. There’s a Sleep course which unsurprisingly helps with sleep and a Productivity courses which (you’ve guessed it) helps with productivity.

Just pick a course, relax, breathe and feel the benefits!

Promising review: ‘This has been so helpful for me. I cannot recommend it enough. I was never able to meditate before and now I feel like I'm on the way and it's helped me bring some peace to my thoughts.’

Get it on Android or iOS.

Rsz Offtime

#8 Offtime

Do you sit down to study only to get instantly distracted by calls, texts, emails or social media alerts? Then you need Offtime in your life!

It allows you to block incoming calls, texts and notifications for set periods of time and can also stop you accessing apps during this time so no more endless scrolling through your Insta feed instead of getting down to work!

It even tracks your usage of your phone and apps so you can see just how long you spend procrastinating throughout the day!

Promising review: ‘It allows me to better be in control of my time. I'm a student and it puts my mind at ease not feeling the need to constantly reach for my phone while I study.’

Get it on iOS.

Rsz 1Alarmy

#9 Alarmy

Always sleeping in for class or right through your free study morning? You need the ultimate alarm clock. Enter Alarmy. It features super loud ringtones and ‘missions’ to complete before the alarm shuts off making it impossible to ignore or snooze.  

Choose from photo missions where you take a photo of a pre-set object, maths missions where you solve maths problems, barcode missions where you have to scan a pre-set barcode and shake missions where you must shake your phone a set number of times to stop the alarm.

You’ll never oversleep again!

Promising review: ‘This app is THE BEST! I am a serial snoozer, but I can't do that with Alarmy. I have it set to complex maths equation so in order to turn the alarm off I have to get up to use a calculator all the way at the other end of the house!’

Get it on Android or iOS.

Rsz 1Study Music

#10 Study Music 🎧 Memory Booster

Want to focus better? Listening to music can help clear your mind and get things done. With Study Music, you can choose different music for different tasks like studying, reading and being creative.

Plus, you can add in nature sounds or alpha waves to your chosen music which has been said to make it easier to relax and improve your focus - think of it like being able to bring a piece of the great outdoors with you to the library!

Promising review: ‘This app is really worth downloading. It helped me concentrate on my studies for long hours. Highly recommended for those who can't focus for long periods.’

Get it on Android or iOS.

Bonus Mentions


We know for many students, Maths can be an intimidating subject. With Mathway, however, you can become the math whiz you always knew you could be! From simple equations to difficult formulas, this app can do it all - and even provide you with a step-by-step guide to finding the correct answer. 

Get it on Android or iOS.


English is a tricky language at the best of times, so any app that can help make you a better writer as you write is a go in our books! Grammarly will help you improve your writing by reviewing your grammar, tone, and style and even give you tips and explanations as you go - making it a great app if you're currently enrolled in English Language or Literature.

Get it on Android or iOS. It's also available for desktop!

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