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PRINCE2 Student Stories: Emma Greenway | PRINCE2 and CIPD Level 3 Certificate Review

Emma wanted to combine her love for people and projects so decided to enrol on both the PRINCE2 Foundation course and the CIPD Level 3 Certificate. Find out how she got on. 

I was creeping towards 40 and had been re-evaluating my life, with a significant milestone in my life fast approaching I had set myself a challenge to reach some personal goals:

1) Improve improve my health

2) Improve my finances

3) Change my career path

Don’t get me wrong I like my current role of Deputy Despatch & Warehouse Manager for a Specialist Coatings company, but I don’t love it… 

My real passion is working with people, working on projects, and using my skillset to better the workplace. So, when reviewing my life’s journey, I decided to go down a people and project management path, combining my love of people, projects, and process all in one place. 

As I work full time, I knew an offline course wasn’t going to be practical, hence me looking for online tutorial in my new chosen field. I looked at varying learning institutes for both people management and project management. In my search I stumbled across the ICS Learn website and found both courses I was looking for:

PRINCE2 Foundation


CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice

The fact that I could do both courses with one provider formed part of my decision-making process. The cost of the courses offered excellent value for money compared to other providers and the ability to pay monthly rather than one lump sum is what sealed the deal when choosing a provider.

I had some reservations when committing to ICS Learn such as what if the course content doesn’t add value for money, but thankfully that reservation was unfounded as the

detail within the courses is very well presented in terms of layout and knowledge making the overall learning experience a pleasant one.

The ISC website and learning platform I found easy to navigate and was impressed with the number of resources provided, this together with tutor support is helpful in the learning process.

Tutorial support is provided immediately, starting with a welcome email which introduces you to your personal online tutor, information about your tutor, tips for getting started and how you can contact your tutor for further support.

I am yet to complete my studies, but I have every confidence that the qualifications achieved from both courses will enable me to perform successfully in both fields. Before I am 40, I will be in my chosen career. 

I would urge anyone looking into further education with ICS Learn to go for it, the unlimited tutor support and wealth of knowledge is unparalleled.


If you're like Emma and have a goal of completing two qualifications, reach out to one of our couse advisors and enrol today.

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