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How Much Does a BCS Qualification Cost?

With the IT sector being one the fastest growing industries around the world, offering great contributions to the global economy, BCS qualifications are the perfect fit if you're looking to gain fundamental IT skills and knowledge that will enhance your career. 

According to a recent report, it's estimated that the UK tech industry has a direct contribution of approximately 72% to the UK economy, meaning there's a massive amount of opportunity to upskill and advance professionally with the right qualifications behind you. 

Accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT,  these globally recognised professional IT qualifications are designed to train the new generation of IT professionals while aiming to maintain professional standards in the computer science and information technology sectors. 

If you're currently in the IT sector or would simply like to upskill in the fast-paced digital world, take a look at our range of BCS qualifications, learn about what they offer, and - most importantly - how much they cost. 

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BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile is the perfect qualification for IT professionals seeking to develop their understanding of how the agile methodology process operates or for managers wanting to apply it to their organisations. 

The course explores all aspects of the Agile process - including key concepts, principles and practices - helping you understand the key project management and software development processes used currently in businesses around the world.

BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

This is a practical, entry-level qualification designed for business analysts and project managers who want to expand their skills and expertise in business analysis.

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis allows you to identify the methods through which you can improve your organisation by evaluating and examining information objectively, to help you deliver successful business change programmes that will cause a real impact. 

BCS Foundation Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP)

With the IT industry frequently facing issues with data breaches while also dealing with the implementation of tough data security and privacy laws such as GDPR, it is important for professionals to refresh their skills and knowledge in order to cope with the demands of the industry. 

The BCS Foundation Certification in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP) provides learners with a deep understanding of the essential information security management issues, in order to help keep your organisation’s and customers’ data safe.  

BCS Foundation Certificate in User Experience

The final course offered, the BCS Foundation Certificate in User Experience is designed to help you conquer the design and evaluation of user interfaces at work. 

The course will equip you with the necessary skills to design user-focused digital platforms and IT architectures, whose aim is to enhance the overall experience of customers and web users. 

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What could affect the cost of a BCS qualification?

Varying factors may affect the cost of BCS qualifications, some of which are presented below.

The learning provider

One of the main factors which undoubtedly affects the cost of BCS qualifications is the learning provider that offers them. 

With prices varying from provider to provider, ensure that you have done your own thorough research before deciding which learning provider to enrol with to get the best price for you. 

How you study 

The way with which you decide how to study the BCS qualifications can also affect their cost.

While there are both online and in-person classroom options available for those interested in acquiring a BCS qualification, make sure you choose the right product that will provide you with the best learning opportunity, most suited to your lifestyle.

In-person learning is the best decision for those who enjoy social interactions and a structured approach to their learning helps them more, however, it tends to be a more expensive option than online learning.

Online learning, on the other hand, is the preferred method of learning for many, allowing individuals to study at their own pace based around their own day-to-day schedules. 

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How much does a BCS qualification cost?  

As mentioned, BCS qualification costs can vary based on location, provider and the BCS qualification you choose to study. Here, you'll find the average price range you can expect when it comes to the different BCS qualifications we offer: 

Studying BCS with ICS Learn

Interest-free payment plans

Industry qualifications can often prove to be very costly, with additional charges for examinations and professional memberships. At ICS Learn we offer interest-free monthly instalment plans with most of our courses to help spread the cost of the course over time. 

No additional fees

There are no additional costs for any BSC qualification since examinations and course materials, such as an e-book copy of your textbook, are also included in the initial price. 

Free one-year Professional BCS Membership 

Individuals who have successfully completed their first examination of any BCS qualification will qualify for a free one-year Professional BCS Membership. The membership will allow you to rightfully use the ‘MBCS’ title after your name, demonstrating to employers your advanced IT competencies. 

100% online & 24/7 course access 

Along with that the course is 100% online with 24/7 access to course materials, while you can also benefit from unlimited support from our expert tutors. With ICS Learn you are in complete control of your study pace and duration.

Interested in a BCS IT qualification? Enhance your career and enrol on the course of your choice today!

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