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The Top 10 Benefits of CIPD HR Qualifications | Levels 3, 5 & 7

While having a CIPD qualification under your belt is by no means a prerequisite for landing a job in HR, it can easily be what sets you apart from your peers and secure you a spot as the top candidate for potential employers.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is the leading professional body for HR professionals, offering courses at CIPD Level 3, CIPD Level 5, and CIPD Level 7, meaning there’s a suitable qualification at each stage in your career that matches your level of experience.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned human resource professional, here is our list of the top ten benefits of CIPD HR qualifications.

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1. CIPD is a Globally Recognised Qualification

CIPD qualifications have become a benchmark for career development and are highly regarded in the HR industry, covering topics related to talent acquisition, performance management, employment law, and business strategy – to name just a few.

CIPD qualifications provide opportunities at each stage in your career to work for organisations all over the world who will find your knowledge and skillset all the more valuable with an internationally recognised qualification to back them up.

2. CIPD is Relevant and Practical

There’s no point in signing up for a course that you won’t benefit from in the real world, right? The good news is that with a CIPD qualification that’s not something you have to worry about.

Whether you study a CIPD Level 3 Certificate or a CIPD Diploma at Level 5 or Level 7, you’ll cover all applicable aspects of HR at each level you study, giving you the comprehensive knowledge, resources and confidence you need to instantly apply your learning when you’re back in the office.

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3. CIPD Makes Your CV Shine

CIPD qualifications are the gold standard for HR professionals. While there may be other, lesser-known qualifications or in-house training certificates that can provide you with similar knowledge and skills, having a CIPD qualification still gives you more credibility than any other qualification out there.

Most employers prefer job candidates to have a CIPD qualification because it means that they won’t have to worry about immediately upskilling their new employee, since they’ve already had the best and most up-to-date training available from the leading professional body in the field.

4. CIPD Shows Your Commitment

Having a CIPD qualification is so much more than a badge on your resume – earning a qualification truly takes drive, dedication, and hard work (not to mention your valuable time).

Employers want to hire people who are motivated to grow and succeed within the industry, and by earning a CIPD qualification, you’re proving that you’re not only committed to your career development but to your personal development as well.

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5. CIPD Progresses Your Career

Gaining a CIPD qualification is the first step in the right direction to progressing your career. Regardless of current experience, when you actively improve upon your development and back up your newly acquired knowledge, you’ll be able to move up the ladder in your organisation – or secure that job in a new company.

To give you an idea on where to start and the CIPD HR levels you can advance to:

For a more in-depth explanation and advice on which course level is right for you, you can discover more here.

6. CIPD Increases Your Earning Potential

It goes without saying that as you advance within an organisation your salary will (hopefully) increase as well, and a CIPD qualification will only help you further.

Once you’ve completed a CIPD qualification, you’ll naturally be in a better position for higher earnings as your career advances, and as you continue your career development with CIPD up to a Level 7 HR qualification, you’ll directly benefit from increased earning potential in the future.

Entry-level salaries for CIPD Level 3 certified HR professionals, for example, start between £20,000 and £25,000 which is at least £5,000 to £10,000 more in earnings than those starting without a CIPD qualification. 

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7. CIPD Builds Your Network

Signing up for a CIPD qualification gives you the option to interact with other HR professionals, many of whom are taking the same course as you.

Whether you connect through in-person training during classroom sessions, the CIPD online learning application, CIPD networking events, or even the ICS Learn Student Community, you can interact with HR professionals from all over the world, giving you access to a broad range of input to help guide you as you learn.

Building your network also leaves room for future opportunities and potential peer collaboration – or perhaps even a new job!

8. CIPD Offers Professional Membership

CIPD members are the most in-demand HR professionals in the world.

Once you’ve completed a CIPD Level 3 qualification, for instance, you'll automatically become a Foundation Member of CIPD alongside nearly 150,000 other innovative professionals around the world, giving you exclusive access to insights and guidance from distinguished HR experts.

Apart from the Foundation Level membership, there are various membership levels to achieve at each stage in your career (i.e. Associate Member, Chartered Member, and Chartered Fellow).

Each membership benefits from access to a wide array of member-only resources, connections, and support you need to make an impact in the HR industry.

CIPD is also the only professional HR body in the world that can issue Chartered status, meaning they recognise those in the HR industry who create significant value in their profession and award them for it by way of their credible recognition.

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9. CIPD Gives You Outstanding Support

As CIPD is an international community, you’ll receive loads of support and additional perks simply by being a member when you sign up for a course.

Benefits include a knowledge hub (jampacked with helpful resources), wellbeing helplines, and career support via their Career Hub.

If you choose to study a CIPD qualification with an online learning provider (like us!) you can take added comfort in knowing that you’ll receive unlimited one-to-one tutor support from our tutors.

On top of answering your academic questions (that can be asked and answered during live online classrooms), you’ll also receive practical guidance and advice and even help with a cohesive study plan.

10. CIPD Gives You the Flexibility You Need

With the expansion into online learning, gaining a CIPD qualification doesn’t require you to sit in a classroom to advance your career anymore.

Instead, all you need is an internet connection and a comfortable place to sit and you’re set!

Many CIPD providers give you the flexibility to join live CIPD classes wherever you are, or you can watch and listen to a recorded version at a time that better suits you instead.

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With the opportunity to learn on your own time, at your own pace – with access to all necessary study resources you may need – earning a CIPD qualification has never been so easy.

Now that you know the benefits of gaining a CIPD HR qualification, you can start the journey to progressing your career with the confidence that you’re making the best decision for your future.

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