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5 Free HR Trello Templates That Will Revolutionise Your Role

Project management platform Trello can be used to effectively plan and schedule just about everything, from your wedding day to your bucket list.

HR practitioners often have many tasks to take care of, each with their own set of subtasks that must be attended to. As such, Trello can be a great resource for practitioners who want to organise their to-do list, processes or projects and ensure that each is taken care of effectively.

We’ve created 5 Trello templates to help you to organise your tasks and deadlines for a variety of HR processes. If you’re not yet using Trello, you can sign up for free and add these templates to your dashboard.

New Staff Onboarding

New Staff Onboarding

The first 90 days in an employee’s journey with your organisation are paramount, as this is the time in which they decide if they want to stay in your company. To ensure that no new employee feels isolated and that all the relevant preparations are taken care of, you can use this template.

Add a new employee to the relevant list and move them through the timeline. This will take them through from interview, to their first performance review with the organisation. Through each of the stages on the board, you can monitor their progress through your onboarding procedures.

Create a card for the employee using the ‘Staff Member’ template in the first column and add due dates for each stage in the process.

Click here to access the template.

Planning Delivering Training

Planning and Delivering Training

Delivering staff training can involve months of planning before the big day. During this time, you don’t want anything to slip through the cracks that could impact the efficacy of your training.

Depending on the audience, venue, and training material required for the training, you can personalise this template to ensure that it’s entirely relevant to you. Use due dates on each of the tasks to be reminded of the essentials in the run up to the training time.

You can customise this template to ensure it’s relevant to your next training event.

Start using this template here.

Agile Hr Trello

Agile HR Planning

An understanding of agile working practices can really transform your day-to-day productivity. By organising your tasks into this pattern, you can track them from inception through to completion.

Get organised and stay on top of important tasks with this board. If you tend to forget about tasks when you hit a roadblock or struggle to stay focused on a larger project, then shifting your way of working can help.

These skills are in high demand and can allow you to get more out of each day – you can even encourage your teams to use this tool too.

Get planning with this template.

Data Analytics

Data and Analytics

Data-driven practices are highly useful, as you can glean a deeper insight into your workforce. You may want to create opportunities to use data but may not know where to begin.

This helpful template will help you to track essential metrics and get accustomed to using analytics practically. Once you're comfortable with the basics, you can create your own templates to delve into specific data projects tailored to your organisation's needs.

This kind of shift in thinking can be your key to the boardroom, as you show that you can bring powerful knowledge to the C-suite.

Harness the power of data using this template.


Personal Development

If you have a lot of personal development goals at the start of the year but don’t quite manage to follow through on them, then this kind of Trello board can keep you on track. Set out your goals for the year and break them into smaller, more manageable tasks.

You can begin with broad goals, then add due dates and checklists to elaborate on your plans. This can form the basis of a SMART personal development plan and even give you a record of your activities for years to come.

If you want to refresh your CV or renew a professional membership that is reliant on CPD, you can use this board to pick out top achievements.

Get started with this Trello template.

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Top Tips and Tricks

If you’re a Trello newbie, or have some experience with the tool but want to take your knowledge to the next level, then you can check out these top tips:

  • Invite colleagues to collaborate on your boards using the ‘invite’ button in the top navigation.
  • Assign cards and tasks to specific board members by opening the card, then selecting ‘members’ from the ‘add to card’ menu. These members will then receive notifications of any changes on the card and upcoming due dates.
  • Press Q on your keyboard filter cards that are assigned to you.
  • Hold shift on your keyboard and scroll using the mouse wheel to scroll through cards horizontally.
  • Use the @ symbol to tag another user to bring their attention to a message or attribute a checklist item to them.

With these tips, you can quickly master these boards and use this productivity tool to your best advantage.

Using a productivity tool like Trello can keep you on track with your goals, legislative changes and tasks. Get started with these templates and then you can tailor them to meet your needs exactly.

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