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UCAS Tariff Table 2024: How Many UCAS Points Do I Have?

Exam results day is fast approaching...

You’ve got UCAS Track on contestant refresh and you’re trying to keep track of all your offers as they get updated.

You suddenly notice that one of your choices has referred to UCAS Tariff points. What on earth are these and how are you supposed to calculate them?

In a situation like this, the last thing you need is an extra thing to worry about. Let us take some of the stress out of the day by giving you a quick and simple guide to calculating your UCAS tariff points.

What is the UCAS Tariff?

The UCAS Tariff is used to assign a points value to certain qualifications in the UK. These are usually qualifications studied after the age of 16 like A Levels or the Scottish Higher.

A set number of points are given to every grade it’s possible to get from each qualification, making it easier to evaluate and compare different types of qualifications from all over the UK.

As you might have guessed, higher grades have a higher points value.

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Why are UCAS Tariff points important?

The UCAS Tariff is mainly used by universities to report admissions data back to the government, but some universities may make you an offer based on the number of points you accrue instead of asking that you achieve specific grades.

This can actually work in your favour as there’s a bit more flexibility in the points system.

Say you’re given a conditional offer on the basis that you achieve two As and a B. If you don’t manage to get these grades, there’s a good chance that the university will withdraw their offer and you’ll miss out on a place on that course.

If you find yourself in this situation, you have our sympathies - and hey, there are always other options.


If you’re given an offer based on you accruing 120 points, you can use any combination of grades to meet this threshold.

So, if you didn’t manage those two As and a B but got two Bs and two Cs instead, your points total will still be enough to meet the threshold.

In which case, you’ve made it, so go ahead and start celebrating!

How many UCAS points do I have?

If you need to work out how many points you have, use the tables below to see how many points your grades are worth and add up the total.

If you have A Level Double Awards, just take the points value for the matching A Level grade and, well, double it!

Ucas Chart

Some things to remember about UCAS Tariff points

  1. Not all universities use Tariff points in their entry requirements.

  2. Not all qualifications are assigned Tariff points, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not accepted by universities.

  3. Only the points from the highest level of your qualifications count, so if you have AS and A Levels you’ll only be able to use your A Level points and not a combination of the two.

  4. Unis use Tariff points in different ways. Some will make you an offer based on grades and reference the number of points and others will make you an offer based on your points score alone. Make sure you understand what your offer is based on.

  5. If you’re having trouble understanding the entry requirements of the course you want to study are, you should get in touch with the university and ask them to explain them. 


You can find a full list of UCAS Tariff points on the UCAS website


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