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GCSE and International GCSEs Student Stories:
International GCSE Student Stories: Sidra | International GCSE English & Mathematics Review

Sindra Ammar

International GCSE English and International GCSE Mathematics

Sidra, a mother of three, wanted to improve her GCSE results, so she studied an International GCSE English and International GCSE Mathematics. Here's how she got on.

I am a mother of three kids, three boys and a daughter, and considering my husband as another child, you may as well say I’m a mother of four!

When deciding who to study with I did some research on online learning into different providers. ICS Learn was actually recommended to me by one of the advisors at the UK Department of Education.

After having visited the ICS Learn website, I requested the course detail and some information on enrolment through the online chat.

One of the course advisors, Fraser, responded to all my queries promptly and clearly with all the required information.

After a little brain storming session, I joined the GCSE Maths and the International GCSE English and Science modules last year.

Although I started all the modules together, I went through my GCSE English exams first in the January 2018 session. Once I was through English, I started putting more effort into my studies of Maths and Science.

I followed and went through all the course content/video tutorials available on the ICS Learn online library.

With all my family duties, I didn't think that it was a good idea to take exams in the summer session, but I went ahead anyway and I was lucky enough to get a AA in Science and a 6 in Maths!

The grades could maybe have been better if I had been able to spend some more time with the ICS Learn materials.

Still, I must give a lot of credit to the ICS Learn team who have done a wonderful job in taking me through these exams.

I have especially found the webinars to be really useful and effective while learning for Maths.

I would like to thank all my tutors who have always been very prompt and really helpful with all of my queries.

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