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International GCSE Student Stories: Peter | International GCSE English Language Review

To further his education and progress his career in social work, Peter decided to study International GCSE English Language with us online and was impressed by his results. Read more about his story. 

When I was in Sixth Form studying my A Levels, I was trying to resit my GCSE in English and was always a few marks away from passing the exam. I was provided with no support or any practice lessons to prepare me for the exams, and I needed to have my English GCSE at a C/4 or higher to be able to go to university to do Social Work.

After doing some research on English resits, I found ICS Learn its been a smooth ride ever since.

Whilst I was studying my IGCSE English Language with ICS Learn, I was also studying childcare and education at college which was a full-on course within itself, so being able to do the work set from ICS Learn in my own free time made my life so much easier and took the pressure of the resit exam.

It was very easy to do a practice exam or practice questions whenever I had free time. I was going on holiday over Christmas and was even able to do some practice questions on the plane to my destination.

I always felt like I was being supported and my work was marked in a much more efficient and faster time than my work ever was when I was doing the exam and resit exam in school.

I was sent back EBIs from my tutor and an example answer to compare my work to, as well as having annotations on my work which felt more personalised and more detailed.

 When it came to me sitting my exam, I was fully supported by my tutor and when I told her when my exam was, I sat the January exam, my tutor made sure that I had all of my submitted work back before I sat the exam so I had enough time to practice again and make amendments.

I was over the moon when I found out that I had passed my International GCSE English exam because it meant that I could finally peruse my dream career and get into my first choice university which I will be starting in September.

I also feel more confident with my essay writing skills as I felt like I was provided with more information about the English language from ICS Learn than I ever was from my schools!

If you are thinking about studying with ICS Learn then I would definitely recommend going through with it as you are supported the whole way and have ample opportunities to speak to your tutor to ask for help and quires on your feedback and just always supported by them.

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