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International GCSE Student Stories: Jasmine | International GCSE English, Maths & Science Review

Jasmine wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a vet nurse but needed her International GCSE English Language, Science, and Maths to get there. Learn more about why she chose ICS Learn to get ahead and reach her goals. 

I studied for my IGCSE English Language, Maths, and double combined Science with ICS Learn.

I chose to study my courses online because I developed migraines which meant I was unable to attend school, and somebody had recommended ICS Learn to my mum who then recommended it to me.

I went on to compare reviews of different places offering online courses and found that ICS Learn looked promising.

I chose those three courses because they are the core subjects I would have needed for any career path I wanted to choose, including the course I wanted to get into afterward.

I was already an academic year behind my peers, so I was unable to do more courses as I did not want to delay my future any more than needed.

I found that I was able to work at the pace I wanted to work at, and the tutors were good at marking any work I submitted or answering any questions quickly.

I had reservations about ICS Learn because of the social aspect of it, as well as the fact that I was worried that it would be difficult to explain concepts in writing, especially in maths.

It turned out that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be due to ICS Learn giving the opportunity to speak to other people doing the same course online; I felt like part of a community.

I also did not need to worry about it being difficult to understand explanations in writing as the maths lessons were live streams from a real person; it felt like a normal lesson at school and it made everything extremely easy to understand.

It went at a slow pace and explained everything in detail, but there were options to instead watch pre-recorded lessons which you can skip through if the pace is too slow.

I got a grade 4/5 in Science, 6 in Maths, and 9 in English. This meant that I could get onto the college course I wanted to: Level 3 Animal Management. I am now well on my way to my dream career as a vet nurse.

I would recommend ICS Learn because they were able to help me get myself to this point in my life.

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