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Horace Remfry aqa-faculty-logo.png high-faculty-logo.png

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International GCSE Student Stories: Horace | International GCSE English Review

Horace Remfry

International GCSE English

Horace decided to study International GCSE English Language with us online to upskill and get ahead in his blossoming career. Discover more about his story.

Over the last few months, I’ve been studying and have finally completed the International GCSE English Language course with ICS Learn.

During the time that I’ve been studying the course, I’ve also been working from home building my own online business surrounding consumer electronics - which involves a lot of professional communication.

My main reason for deciding to take the course was to improve my overall writing and communication, not just with my customers, but in general day-to-day life.

ICS Learn was the only company that stood out to me, due to the fact they offer all the course material you could possibly need, and then they allow you to complete it all at your own pace, taking as long as you may need.

Additionally, the website is modern and easy to use, and the customer support is like no other. Combine that with the fact they offer the exact IGCSE course I was looking to take, ICS Learn was definitely my best choice of online learning providers.

When the lockdown was put into place, the transition was seamless, my studying was not affected in any way. ICS Learn continued to be up and running - which was good, as suddenly I had a lot more time to put towards my coursework.

Overall, the course was brilliant for somebody like me, wanting to study at my own pace so I could be assured I’ve really learnt the information that was being taught.

The work was provided methodically and in easy to understand ways, along with lots of activities that made the work more interesting and kept it from becoming stale or repetitive.

The test papers at the end of every section in the course were brilliant, they tested your brain on all the information you’d just learnt in that particular section, before being marked by your Tutor who gave the most helpful and friendly tips.

For any academic question I had, my tutor would be able to provide insightful and educational responses. The information and life-skills that I have attained from this course will certainly assist me in the future.

Whether I decide to expand my business into other sectors or apply for some type of further education, I’m happy knowing my qualification and new skills are there to support me and further myself towards my ambitions.

I would recommend ICS Learn to anybody Who studies from home (or is looking to). I don’t believe you’d be able to find another company providing such a good all-round and personal experience, especially at this value.

I have no doubt studying from home is becoming more and more popular due to the pandemic and current lockdown, so I’d definitely recommend ICS Learn to anybody looking for an online course.

It’s incredibly simple and fast to enrol and begin learning skills and information that will be with you for life.

Are you looking to upskill and need an International GCSE to do so? Learn more about studying a GCSE or International GCSE qualification with us 100% online.