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Dawn Charlesworth aqa-faculty-logo.png high-faculty-logo.png

GCSE and International GCSE Student Stories:
International GCSE Student Stories: Dawn | International GCSE Science Review

Dawn Charlesworth

International GCSE Science

To get progress in her teaching career, Dawn studied International GCSE Science with us online and was very happy with her results even after facing loads of uncertainty. Discover more about her learning journey. 

I work full time as a teaching assistant and needed to take GCSE Science to further my career in teaching as I would like to teach primary children.

Completing the work and assessments was challenging with work and family but enjoyable.

This year has been tough for many reasons, COVID-19 being one of them. The whole exam process was uncertain for me as an adult online learner, however, ICS Learn was amazing though.

I had managed to book a private exam until all exams were cancelled. After all the work I had done I was very disappointed.

I contacted ICS Learn and they couldn't help at the time because government guidance was unclear and taking time to get through to providers.

Once the guidance was given though, thankfully there was a clear plan for how ICS Learn could help the private mature students.

They supported me when uncertainty was looming and gave me advice and kept in touch with updates on a regular basis. I ended up sitting an exam that was done at home under the eye of an online invigilator.

Prior to this, I had a telephone call with my tutor where he asked me questions with regards to what I had learned and my understanding.

When my exam results came through I received the C Grade 4 that I needed to start my teacher training, so I’m extremely happy and thankful to ICS Learn who have supported me throughout (and an extra thank you to my tutor, Christopher, who was always on hand to support and advise me).

This year could have put my career a year behind, and one year as a mature student feels detrimental.

I did all this alongside a Foundation Degree in Learning Support on a part-time basis. If I can achieve the grade I did during the COVID-19 pandemic and family pressures, then so can you.

I would highly recommend ICS Learn to anyone who wants to further careers or gain more knowledge. 

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