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International GCSE Student Stories: Courtney | International GCSE Biology Review

To kickstart her teaching career, Courtney decided to study the International GCSE Biology credit she needed online with us and has been incredibly happy with the results so far. Learn more more about her story. 

I have recently graduated from university in BA Hons Education achieving second class: first honours. 

To further my study I want to go on to the PGCE Primary to gain QTS to become a primary teacher. However, I needed to gain a grade 4 and above in Science, so I took International GCSE Biology via ICS Learn and have been studying since January 2020. 

I then sat an equivalency test online to achieve a grade 4 or above which the university I applied for was accepting to help with gaining an unconditional offer. I passed! 

This means that I get a certificate and cover letter and will be allowed to start my course. 

However, I am still going to sit my International GCSE Biology exam in November by still using ICS Learn and the support of the tutor I have who is quick, responsive, and very helpful in all aspects!

I am doing this to further my options as I move further down my career! As they say - rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it! 

All thanks to the ICS Learn International GCSE Biology course and the tutor support, I have managed to get myself into the PGCE Primary course that I really wanted to begin with! 

My current status is a full-time student ready to start this the PGCE Primary in September.

I chose to enrol in ICS Learn as it stood out from other companies I viewed in relation to the support and resources it had to offer to help guide me through, which was amazing.

I chose International GCSE Biology as I needed to gain a GCSE in Science in order to begin my journey to become a teacher. 

I have really enjoyed studying. ICS Learn has a simple and easy-to-use website, proving to be very helpful as I go through each unit. 

The course is simple, accessible, and easy to get the hang of! The tutor support is also amazing with any questions or help I need. My tutor is there to help support me and never takes long to reply or give me feedback on test/mock papers and offers guidance where needed. 

My plans for the future include completing my PGCE Primary gaining QTS and then going on to gain a role as a teacher with my own students in a primary school.

My qualification will help as it will help me broaden my job role into eventually working my way up through leadership roles to eventually become headteacher of a primary school. 

I would 100% recommend ICS Learn to others due to the quick responses, helpful tutors whenever you need them.

The study units and information offered are simple and easy to use and revise.

Overall I have and still am enjoying studying my Biology course with ICS Learn and without it I couldn’t have passed my equivalency Test to help me get on to the PGCE. So thank you, ICS Learn, for all the support. 

Inspired by Courtney's story? Study your International GCSE or GCSE qualification 100% online with us.