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International GCSE Student Stories: Archie | International GCSE Science Review

To get into university and progress his teaching career, Archie decided to study International GCSE Science with us online and was delighted by his results. Discover more about his story. 

I'm a 25 year old Teaching assistant who has been working in my local primary school for now over 5 years. I have always wanted to go into teaching, so this experience has been vital for me to get started. 

I first applied for university last year, however, I was not aware I needed a GCSE in Science in order to enrol on a teaching programme. At the time, this was very disappointing, although I knew I needed to achieve this to become a teacher.

The university I had applied to gave me a conditional offer as long as I had a GCSE in Science. 

I then spent the next few weeks researching online learning providers until I came across ICS Learn.

The ICS Learn distance learning programme looked perfect for me to have the best chance in gaining a GCSE in Science, as it had all of the course content easy to access, a number of assessments to take as well as an online tutor to help when needed; all at a reasonable price with different payment options available to make it easier for people to pay.

To begin with, I found it difficult to get started with the course as you can pick and choose your own revision times. Originally, this was a problem for me as I tended to put off revision.

I then decided to make a timetable for myself in order to manage my time better; this really helped!

Whenever I found something difficult or didn't quite understand something, I was able to email my tutor and she was able to help me step by step to understand what I was finding tricky.

The next step was to book my exam. This was fairly easy and straightforward and I quickly found a nearby exam centre where I could sit my exam in the summer. 

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus, the exams were all cancelled for the summer. This was hard to hear as I had worked very hard in order to pass my exam.

At this point, I was in regular contact with my tutor and she was keeping me up to date with all the changes that were happening at the time.

I then received an email through ICS Learn saying that due to the assessments I had completed online, as well as completing an upcoming online exam I would need to take, they would then have enough evidence to be able to give me a grade for my GCSE. This was brilliant news!

Once I had taken the exam I needed to wait several months to wait to see what grade I had been awarded and finally found out I had passed!

I was over the moon as this meant I could then be accepted into University for this upcoming September!

I would highly recommend ICS Learn to anyone thinking about doing any online learning to gain any needed qualifications!

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