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GCSE and International GCSE Student Stories:
International GCSE Student Stories: Abigail | International GCSE Biology Review

Abigail Smith

International GCSE Biology

On her journey to study Dental Hygiene Therapy, Abigail found that she needed an International GCSE Biology to continue. She studied with us and gained a Grade B!


I looked high and low to find a night-time International GCSE Biology course that would fit around my full-time working life.

I really needed a C grade to allow me to go on to University to study Dental Hygiene Therapy. 

Initially, I was reluctant to do an online course, believing that I would not be able to understand any of the material provided.

After all, the last time I sat in a Biology lesson was around 14 years ago and - let's face it - back then I was definitely not the most ideal student.

I also feared with an online course I would not receive the same amount of support that I would from a tutor that I physically saw on a weekly basis. I was totally wrong.

After struggling to find a night-time course in Biology I decided to bite the bullet and apply for the ICS Learn International GCSE in Biology. I was impressed from start to finish. 

The monthly payments for the course were a great help and gaining access to the material and the student forums was made easy.

The online modules were easy to read and understand and the online tutor support was a bonus.

The quick turnaround in mock test results and the feedback given was really helpful.

The combination of self-motivation and patience to work through all the different modules alongside the easy to read material and tutor support all contributed to gaining my Grade B in International GCSE Biology and I couldn't be more thrilled. 

I have now applied to University with the hope of starting next April... fingers crossed!


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