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GCSE Student Stories: Toni Marie Faca | GCSE Review

Toni speaks more about her experience of studying her GCSEs with us, including Biology, Maths, and Psychology. Read more about her learning journey with us below. 

Throughout my academic career I have always worked best in a mainstream school environment, and so to say that I was sceptical about going completely online is most definitely an understatement.

Having just emigrated from South Africa to Northern England and desperately seeking an online learning platform on which I could obtain my GCSEs, ICS Learn was amongst the top recommended.

When contacting the team, they were helpful and efficient.

They took the time to advise me on the necessary subjects that I needed for the A levels I planned on selecting the following year, giving me honest guidance about the level of work required for me to achieve the best GCSE results possible.

They also outlined the most affordable payment plan in line with my current financial situation.

From the onset of my studies, my tutors provided me with immense support. A wide variety of resources were made available to me including - detailed study material, live recordings, one on one meetings and animated topic videos. 

I found the topic-specific live recordings to be extremely useful, specifically in Mathematics as they allowed me to further understand the application of theories, as well as the stand-alone concepts. 

The one-on-one meetings served me best in both English and Psychology as they offered personal perspectives on the topics and allowed my responses in my test papers to be a mixture of objective facts as well as some more subjective themes.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the Human Biology course, giving me insight into not only cells and organisms but lots of things that are applied to modern medicine today.

Having completed my Mathematics, Human Biology, Psychology and English Language GCSEs and receiving excellent results, I have obtained my space at Clitheroe Royal Grammar Sixth Form and must give credit where credit is due.

Although I was sure I would be lacking support and thorough guidance during my online studies and was concerned about having to carry the full weight of structuring my education - I was proven wrong.

The tutors and student support services made my time with ICS Learn an absolute pleasure and supported me constantly. Without them, I wouldn't have achieved the results that I did.

I hope to work with ICS Learn again in the future and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to obtain their GCSEs for school purposes or is interested in doing an additional course alongside their current studies. 

A big thank you to the ICS Learn team and my incredible tutors!

If Toni's story inspires you and you're looking to gain your GCSEs in preparation for your A Levels, review our courses and enrol today!

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