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GCSE Student Stories: Tasha | GCSE Mathematics Review

Tasha wanted a career change but felt her previous GCSE grades were holding her back. She studied a GCSE Mathematics and transformed her opportunities. 

I decided at the age of 38 that I wanted to seek out a career change - I wanted to get into Horticulture and I thought the best way was to start as an apprentice so I could learn on the job as well as get a qualification at college.

I started looking around and applied for a few apprenticeship, I was fortunate enough to find a great opportunity.

However, I did notice that with these apprenticeships you need at least a C/4 in Maths.

Maths has always been something that bothered me- I got an E at school and it was something I wanted to improve on.

I knew that I could just do a Functional Skills at the college alongside the Horticulture qualification but I wanted to test myself.

I decided to sit my Maths GCSE again.

I found ICS learn and I couldn’t have been happier. The syllabus was broken down into easy to work on sections with test questions, examples and great videos.

My tutor was at hand to ask questions and the other learners on the forum were really supportive.

I did the Foundation level and went through it in 6 months. I did loads of practise tests that are available through ICS and past papers. I panicked a bit as I was still short the pass mark for a C/4.

I booked my exams and sat all of them. I’m so pleased to say not only did I pass but I was just a few marks off a B.

I’m so thankful to ICS learn for the user friendly format, I don’t think I could have managed it without using this learning tool. I would definitely recommend them. If you’ve got the dedication then this is perfect.

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