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Martyn Beckley | GCSE English & Maths aqa-faculty-logo.png high-faculty-logo.png

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GCSE Student Stories: Martyn Beckley | GCSE English & Maths Review

Martyn Beckley

GCSE English & Maths

Martyn felt that he had massively underachieved at school and wanted to test himself by retaking his IGCSE English and GCSE Mathematics exams. He is currently undertaking A Level study and aiming for university. 

The reason I retook my GCSEs again, was to test myself. I left school in 2004, and I pretty much failed every paper, excluding science – for some reason I enjoyed science.

I really enjoyed school, but I had a bit of an unstable life outside of it, which ended up disturbing my education and my attitude towards most things during this period. After leaving school, I took the construction route as I thought this is all I could do. This wasn’t a bad choice by the way, as I still managed to be very successful in this line of work, as I currently own a painting and decorating company that is growing from strength to strength.

Even though I could happily carry on with this line of work, I still had something eating away at me. I knew I had massively underachieved at school, and the thought of that wasn’t going away.

During lockdown in 2020, I decided to give my GCSE English and Maths one more shot – if I failed again, I knew I could rest, as I would give it a proper go this time.

In my search to re-sit my GCSEs, I decided to take the online option, as I wouldn’t want it interrupting with my business and my working hours once lockdown opened.

The company I found was ICS Learn – I chose this company because of the great reviews I was reading.

I am so happy I chose ICS Learn because they truly care about your progress, and they are very helpful if you’re stuck, or in need of some guidance at any point during your studies.

After a few phone calls about my worries of being non-academic, or my handwriting is too scruffy, I was put at ease, and I was made to feel comfortable with my approach to this task I had set out for myself. I had a goal at the start of the course, and that goal was to get Grade 4’s in both English and Maths (C’s in the old grade system).

I can happily say I exceeded my expectations in both! I got the top mark in my foundation Math papers which is a grade 5, and I received a grade 8 in English – which sits between an A and an A*!

Not only have I smashed my intended goal, but I have the hunger for more academic study now. I am currently doing A level study now, aiming for university!

I just want to say thank you to ICS Learn, as it wouldn’t be possible without you! Thank you!

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