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GCSE Student Stories: Lucky Harris-Leighton | GCSE Mathematics Review

Lucky needed to improve her GCSE grades to achieve dream of becoming a primary school teacher. She decided to study GCSE Mathematics. Here's what she thought of the process.

I am currently studying GCSE Maths as a distance learner. The reason I have chosen to do this course is because I have decided that I want to change my current career as a family support worker and become a fully qualified primary school teacher.

In order for this to happen, I need to achieve a 4-9 grade within GCSE Maths. When I was in secondary school, many moons ago, I only achieved a D grade.

The reason why I chose ICS Lean to do my studies is that they honestly had great reviews online from previous learners and really covered the area which I wanted it to. Furthermore, they provided excellent value for money.

I found that ICS Learn is one of the best distance learning providers that I have studied with.

The reason for this is because the tutors are real people, who care about you and getting you through the course.

I think that this has developed my ability to continue the course, achieve and not to be disheartened to ask questions that may be very simple to others.

Whereas when I have studied online before, it was always very independent learning, with an uncertainty of who to ask for help.

Since I have started my course with ICS Learn, I have successfully passed my GCSE Biology, have had a baby who is now 5 months old and have moved into my first ever home, 5 months ago.

Having access to this course works around, what can feel like, my hectic life and is no bother at all to get done.

With the support of the team I am so much closer to achieving my goals and dream of becoming a teacher.

I highly recommend ICS Learn because no matter what you are doing in life, which can have so many unexpected changes, you can contact real people who offer you honest support and advice.

The courses are realistic to meet your needs to achieve and you learn and look forward to the lessons which you have for that week.

Thank you ICS Learn for making things achievable for a new busy mum like myself.


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