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GCSE Student Stories: Lewis Edon | GCSE Maths Review

Lewis Edon

GCSE Maths

On results day we caught up with our inspirational student Lewis Edon to see how he got on with his GCSE Maths. Here his mum shares his exam results and future plans with us.

Well, GCSE results day came along!

After many years of struggling with Maths at school and even finding the course difficult at times, we received the email from Lewis' exam centre. He got a Grade 4!

We were at the hospital at the time, so the news was very positive on what was an otherwise horrible day!

For a 16-year-old, who is home-schooled due to a serious disability (osteofibrous dysplasia and cancer by the name of Adamantinoma), we are all incredibly proud!

Lewis couldn't have done this without the help and support from ICS Learn.

His tutors and the company overall, really take the time to explain things and really help with encouraging feedback after each study unit.

We even get the occasional email or message to both see if Lewis is okay on a personal level and an academic level!

The entire staff who Lewis has dealt with, have been very supportive and have always given Lewis the encouragement and determination that he needed. Something that he was never given at school.

Not only will we be signing him on to more IGCSEs with ICS Learn he also wants to study A Level Law with them too!

Plus, we have recommended them to our fellow homeschoolers, as the best distance learning provider, with an excellent payment scheme in place too, which is very helpful.

Lewis will now continue his education with ICS Learn as due to his illness, college is not feasible at the moment.

His ambition is to go into the police force, which may prove difficult as he faces the amputation of his right leg.

This GCSE grade proves nothing will hold Lewis back from reaching his goals! We have every faith in him to go on and achieve everything he sets his mind to!

Thank you again ICS Learn, and a huge thank you to all your amazing staff!

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