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GCSE Student Stories: Jess Jarvis | GCSE Maths and English Review

Jess studied GCSE Mathematics and IGCSE English Language with ICS Learn, allowing her to follow her dreams of becoming an Education Officer. Find out how below!

My name is Jess and I studied GCSE Mathematics and IGCSE in English language with ICS Learn.

I got a grade 5 in Maths, and a grade 9 in English language! 

I desperately needed to get my Math and English, as I had completed a Master’s in Zoology and planned to complete my teacher training PGCE in secondary Biology in the hope of becoming an Education Officer in a zoo or wildlife park. 

I had smashed the interview for my first choice of university training program when they then laid out the conditions of the offer: a master’s, and improved Maths and English GCSES, among other conditions that are typical of a PGCE course.

After this happened, I had a very small window to get these done, and I set out to find an online provider so I could get these done in a much shorter time period than conventional GCSE courses. 

I chose ICS Learn because it had a multi-course discount, and I found the materials easy to access and use, and the course straight forward to follow step by step.

It was also incredibly convenient that I could access materials including entire lessons on trickier subjects.

When I needed the extra support and found the format of assessment pretty straight forward and the mock exams were extremely helpful in preparation for my exams. 

I was hesitant I’d even pass my Maths exam as I’m awful at it and dyscalculia runs in my family. I thought I’d need way more one-to-one support in person to get me the pass grade I needed of a 4, but it was really easy to follow and complete even for me and I managed to get a 5!

I found it easy to study with ICS Learn. The tutor support was prompt and useful. 

I’d recommend ICS Learn for people in my situation that need to get a qualification on a tighter timescale, or just have less daytime hours to commit to a night course etc.

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