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GCSE Student Stories: Clare Phillips | International GCSE Physics Review

Claire decided to study an online International GCSE in Physics to gain a better idea of what International GCSE study was like for her daughter and to better support her.

I am a 47 year old Quality Manager, married with two teenage children. They were my incentive to take this GCSE.

I have worked for the same company in a variety of roles for 20 years.

I’ve worked with Engineering related functions so had some exposure to Physics in action; also to the extent of being a STEM Ambassador for a while.

I left High School in 1990 to study Computer Studies at College and then onto a Degree at Business Information Technology at University.

Back in High School our Physics teacher didn’t believe girls were could achieve in the sciences so we never received any support or encouragement with classes.

So a combination of this, and my eldest being in the final year of her GCSEs I wanted to understand what she was going through, and be able to support her. So I chose the International GCSE Physics.

At first I was apprehensive about choosing an online course. Would the course material be comprehensive? Would I ever hear from a Tutor? Where do I do my exam? I can reassure you that these concerns were soon addressed and were never an issue.

I found myself in a routine quite quickly and was working through a topic a week, doing my end-of-module test on a Saturday and my Tutor returning the results on Sunday/Monday.

Jennifer was so supportive and encouraging. I had no doubts telling her what I felt I needed more help with and Jennifer would send me support material.

Jennifer coped so well throughout the Covid situation and when they were resolving whether to do exams or not, and then they moved to Teacher Assessed grades.

She was always calm with me and I respected that she was busy too so kept my questions to the point.

It was an amazing day when GCSE results day came along as my eldest daughter and I were both waiting.

I was awarded an 8. Whilst this qualification doesn’t add anything in terms of my career, it has boosted my confidence enough to want to do another GCSE, Biology next.

My youngest starts Y10 this Sept and she’s asked if I can do my Biology GCSE to support her! I would recommend ICS Learn. They managed to get us through the COVID lockdowns and Teacher Assessed grades unscathed and happy.

The fact I’m opting for a second qualification is a testament to this and I would say to anyone to go for it!

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