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GCSE Student Stories: Ciaron Fuller | GCSE English Language Review

Ciaron Fuller

GCSE English Language

Ciaron decided he finally wanted to pursue his GCSE English Language qualification, however, what he didn't realise was how many doors it would open for him. Find out more about his experience with us.

My journey with ICS Learn all started during the very first lockdown in the UK. I had just been put on furlough at the time and as many people in the UK did, had some spare time.

I decided to start researching online about external companies that do tuition. After a couple of hours research and looking on forums, I came across ICS Learn and read that they had brilliant reviews and previous students who were in a similar position to myself managed to get the grades they wanted too. So, I decided to ’take the plunge’ and go for it!

Upon reflection it was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.

English was something I always had an interest in but unfortunately, I didn’t get the required grades at school so I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to better myself and finally get my English qualification.

I ended up enrolling onto IGCSE English Language. The support I received during my time at ICS Learn has been incredible from start to finish. Whether it was contacting my tutor for an explanation or ringing the customer services Helpdesk for advice. ICS Learn were always on hand to help.

I feel like my tutor, although we never met in person, had a real understanding of my personality and my abilities early on. This is such a benefit to going with ICS Learn because if I didn’t quite understand something, my tutor knew how to explain it in terms that I would.

I'm currently a PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) and I aspire to go on to become a regular police officer. In order to do so, however, you have to have Maths and English at GCSE level in order to apply.

After receiving my results, it has opened up the door for me to do so many things that I previously was unable to do. I can now apply to become a police officer should I choose to. I would have just had to accept defeat and move on if it wasn’t for ICS Learn.

I would highly recommend ICS Learn. If you are able to put in the hours and study in your own time, then you will succeed. I received a Grade 7 in the end with English when all I needed was a grade 4. I cannot thank the team enough for how they have helped me through everything and been there to answer any of my questions, however silly.  

Inspired by Ciaron's story? Enrol today to get started on your GCSE journey. 

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