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GCSE Student Stories: Andy Rawlings | GCSE Mathematics Review

Andy Rawlings

GCSE Mathematics

For Andy, it was never too late to go back and gain his GCSE Mathematics qualification and now he is able to pursue the teaching career he has always dreamed of.

After failing my GCSE Maths exams twice after leaving school, I wanted to prove to myself, as well as teaching a valuable lesson to my son, that age is irrelevant and that it's never too late to go back and try again. The nature of my work requires to do odd days, sometimes even odd hours, so regimented lessons were not possible in my position.

ICS Learn was perfect for me as I could study at my pace using multiple tools at my disposal, with Melissa providing video lessons, as well as numerous sites to push myself further.

It was the first time I had experienced online learning, so I was curious if I could do it.

Fortunately, the process had been straightforward from enrolment, to lessons, right up to the exam, I felt that I had been catered for my individual needs.

Melissa and Stephen had been very encouraging and supportive from the start. Understanding my needs and work pressures meant that I could study at my own pace, while at the same time make sure that I would be ready for the exams.

I can be proud that even though it has taken nearly 20 years, I have finally achieved it. It means I can now pursue a career in teaching as I have the necessary qualifications to go into this career.

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