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A Level Student Stories: Misbah Qureshi | A Level Maths & Economics Review

Hoping to enhance his previous grades to excel in his professional career, Misbah took on an A Level Maths and an A Level Economics course with us! 

It's been one year since I joined ICS Learn as a private candidate, enrolling to take the A Level Maths and A Level Economics exam.

I received an A in my Maths thanks to ICS Learn and I will continue my studies to give the Economics exam next year with them. Currently, I'm a second-year Accounting and Finance student at university actively looking for employment.

I chose to study Maths and Economics because I want to get better grades and push my abilities further in order to have a higher chance of succeeding in any field.

I chose ICS Learn because of the excellent course advisors who helped answer all my questions clearly and thoroughly.

I found my course very easy to access and I was given a lot of helpful documents to support me through the process of online learning.

My personal tutor was extremely kind and helpful and aided me whenever I needed help with prompt replies. The additional live videos that she made were extremely helpful and I could work with fellow students working to answer questions.

My qualification has helped me immensely and I can now take a step forward to applying for PGCE and becoming a Maths teacher myself. Yes!

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to anyone looking for sitting a private exam through online learning because everything was perfect and easy with clear instructions.

To add, the team was super friendly and they answered all my queries no matter how small.

I really hope everyone considers ICS Learn because you will not get any experience anywhere like this! 

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