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A Level Student Stories: Matt Gillam | A Level Maths

Matt found himself with some spare time after taking on a part-time football contract. He decided to put this time to good use and study his A Level in Mathematics with ICS Learn.

My name is Matthew Gillam and I was a professional footballer for 3 years. This was my full-time job at the time, however, after pandemic hit in 2020, my contract didn’t get renewed, and I was left searching for a new team.

After job searching I was able to find a team that suited me, however it was on a part-time bases and I would only play 2 nights and 1 day a week. Therefore, to make the most of the spare time I now had, I took up A-Level Mathematics with ICS Learn.

I chose to study Mathematics because it was something excelled at in GCSEs but never got the chance to study further. I also enjoy problem solving and working with numbers and it has a close link to my career interests outside of football. I did find it hard at first as this was the first-time I had studied Mathematics for 5 years.

However, ICS Learn provide quick and easy access to your tutor, who gave me all the help I needed whenever I asked for it.

I can’t thank them enough for this. Learning online was daunting at first but once you get going on your course and understand how to navigate the website and use all the tools provided, it soon became easy and enjoyable.

This qualification has not only helped me to achieve the job I wanted but has taught me some valuable skills. My organisational and time management skills have improved considerably from having to plan studying in and around my day and I know this will really benefit me in future jobs.

I would recommend ICS Learn that is looking for a course/subject to study. They’re affordable, helpful and provide everything you need to get the right grade/pass.

If I ever want to study something else or continue my educational journey, ICS Learn will be the first place I look as I’ve had such a good experience with them.


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