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A Level Student Stories: Maggie Garick | A Level Law Review

Maggie was stuck in a dead-end job until she decided to study A Level Law with ICS Learn. Learn more about her journey here.

I started studying with ICS Learn when I didn’t know what path I wanted to take. I'd dropped out of sixth form and started working a dead-end, full-time job. It was then that I realised it wasn't the courses I was studying that put me off — it was where I was studying and not having the flexibility to work.

I decided maybe an online course would be a good idea. I thought ICS Learn was cost-effective and appeared to have a great support network and an easy way of learning. Ultimately, I chose A Level Law: a choice which would get me to where I am today.

The flexibility in the course allowed me to work a part-time job whilst studying for my future. Whilst studying, I was looking for work experience in law companies to expand my knowledge in the field, I found a full-time job in an area of law I love which helped me excel in that exam.

ICS Learn has helped me find a career path that I was unsure of. Through the course flexibility and help from my tutors, I am now a step closer to my career. I don't have any plans to go to university currently as my job is providing me with future qualifications, such as STEP, which will provide me with fantastic experience and knowledge.

Whilst I'm not following my original plans, I wouldn't have got my job unless I was studying online with ICS learn so it has paved a good path for my future. With all the help and support I have received, I feel I have finally found what I would like my future to be and I have no fear of being stuck in the 9-5, dead-end job where I started.

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn if you are struggling to decide what you would like to do with your future, or simply if you just cannot afford to leave your job and study full time.

Whilst studying I was able to travel and work which really meant I wasn't putting my whole life on hold for a set of exams. That flexibility made me enjoy my studies even more. Cheers, ICS Learn!