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A Level Student Stories: Leena Bouarra | A Level English Review

Leena had an interest in Linguistics and wanted to use this to find a career that she loved. She decided to gain her A-Level English qualification to further her chances.

I originally had taken a course in Health and Social care at college and wanted to eventually work in healthcare.

Fast forward some time, and with the arrival of the pandemic, circumstances changed and I decided to follow my other passion - linguistics - to see where it could take me. I decided to take an A Level in English Language to help me on my way. 

I found ICS Learn after some internet research and was immediately intrigued by the fact that it was online learning.

The fact that you were able to learn from the comfort of your own home, and that it was self based was a huge benefit to me, as I did notice that some units required more of my time to work through and understand.

I believe this is also great for different types of learners as we have the room, time and freedom to learn and absorb the material in a way that suits the individual learner with no external pressure.

I loved how easy ICS Learn make it to pay with an interest-free payment plan.

Additionally, I also found the support provided by my Tutor, the Head of the English Language Department (Mr Ross) and the Student Services Team to be very helpful, prompt and thorough.

The flexibility of the course also meant I was able to handle family commitments and work full-time whilst working through the course.

The information was broken down into sections with a digestible and easy-to-manage layout, this greatly aided the learning process and made the whole experience less overwhelming than it could have been.

There are also Live Sessions that summarise each unit, they are recorded so if you are unable to attend, you are able to re-watch them, and then ask your tutor any additional questions.

There isn’t just one opportunity to ask questions though as ICS Learn assign each student with their own tutor who can answer questions, provide support and who also checks each end of unit assignment and provides feedback for improvement which is invaluable.

Even arrangements for the exam is made easy as they have a partnership with Tutors and Exams which meant I got a discount price when signing up with them to sit the exam externally as a private candidate.

Overall my experience of studying with ICS Learn has been fantastic and I am grateful to them for helping me learn, enabling the continuation of my knowledge journey and making the process as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

In the end I achieved an A and am looking forward to the next stage safe in the knowledge that my grade will allow me access to a wide range of universities and jobs.

A massive thank you to the teams and staff members at ICS Learn and I highly recommend the company, services and support to all learners. 


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