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A Level Student Stories:
A Level Student Stories: Lauren Finch | A Level Business, Economics, and Psychology Review

Lauren Finch

A Level Business, Economics and Psychology

Lauren decided to enrol on three A Level qualifications with us to succeed in her dream of going to university and kickstarting a career in psychology. Find out more about her learning journey below.

After studying two college courses, I decided I wanted to go to university. However, this was not possible with my qualifications which meant I had to achieve 3 A Levels in less than a year to go to university in September 2021.

Upon deciding to choose online learning I was scared and even my family was worried for me as I would have to wake up early, motivate myself and work super hard.

In the end, I chose to study with ICS Learn and it was a very good decision.

I chose to study Business, Economics, and Psychology as I was unsure which route I wanted to take at university but I ultimately decided to go for a Psychology degree.

I already knew how tough it would be to study from home and to have to self-motivate to work hard each and every day. When it was announced that exams had been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this became slightly more difficult and meant I had to work twice as much and twice as hard.

With the help and support of ICS Learn, I managed to get through those tough few months of work and I ended up with 3 A Levels in August 2021.

While I wasn’t able to get into my first choice university, these 3 A Levels have opened more doors for me to proceed into higher education and go down the career path I have been dreaming of.

This has all been possible because of ICS Learn and I would recommend them and their courses to anyone.

I thought I’d never be able to go to university but I turned that around and am so excited to be heading off in September. Thank you so much ICS Learn for all the help!

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