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A Level Student Stories: Kayleigh | Online A Level English Literature Review

Kayleigh studied her A Level English Literature with us while working full time. She achieved a B grade and gained entry into a teacher training course.

I was very apprehensive about whether I could complete my English Literature A level.

I wanted to complete the 2-year structured course in a year, whilst working 35 hours a week and planning to give birth in March, with my exams in May and June.

To survive I made sure I planned ahead and tried to get as much done before my due date. When my baby was born it was hard finding time to study, I gave myself 4 weeks off and then started preparing for my exams.

I had to juggle baby bottles, nappies and bed times, in between my revision.

My husband was at work all day and came home late at night, so I had to just manage. He took the day before each of my exams off and the day of my exams but that was it.

Having always learnt in a classroom setting I was hesitant at first to take an online course, but I knew this would be the best time management option for me, so I decided to give it a go.

My course leader has been extremely supportive when I have needed help in clarifying the exam structure or modules.

He was very quick to reply and usually the same day. I also enjoyed his live video sessions on course material, with the option to ask questions at the end. This broke up all the self-study and reading.

I have always been an independent learner and like to do things my own way so I maybe didn't use all the support from my tutor and course leader as I should of but when I did seek help, they were always willing to help me.

I was determined to pass my course and find a way to make it work despite a hectic home life. I was also worried that I would struggle with the exams as I am a mature student and haven't sat an exam in a very long time.

I was so relieved that I got the B I needed to get onto my teacher training course.

I hope this encourages others that if you want to do something you will find the time to do it.

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