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Isobel Mckay Story aqa-faculty-logo.png high-faculty-logo.png

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A Level Student Stories: Isobel McKay | A Level Mathematics Review

Isobel McKay

A Level Mathematics

Isobel didn't want her dyslexia to hold her back from her dream of studying computer forensics, so she studied an online A Level Mathematics with us. Here's how she got on. 

My name is Isobel McKay, I am 19 and I have just received fantastic results for my A level Mathematics with thanks to ICS Learn. I had a terrible start at college studying A levels in 2017.  My maths tutor was off sick in the October and the college did not supply cover for lessons.

Together with my dyslexic challenges, I ending up failing that first year, resulting in having to repeat the year and completely change courses to study an Applied Science BTEC as they felt that it would be better for me.

I was really disappointed that I had to scrap my Maths A Level as I was aiming to go to university to study computer forensics with my ultimate goal of joining the Police and felt that I would be at a disadvantage without it but college would not allow me to do both a BTEC and A Levels. 

My mum tried to reason with the college but they would not budge and so we found ICS Learn while searching online for options and decided to study my A Level at home alongside my BTEC.

ICS Learn have a really clear structure and an easy guide to the process and whilst I knew it would be hard work, it was something I wanted to do and I knew that I couldn’t do it completely on my own and would need the support and knowledge they could provide.

To be honest, lockdown made it easier for me, I wasn’t wasting time travelling and was able to split my study time to the best advantage and as I had been following the tutorials online anyway, I knew the team was available to respond to any problems and found the process of submitting my assessments straight forward and the feedback really useful.

I was very lucky that having registered with my college to take the A Level privately alongside my BTEC I was able to be graded and get a triple distinction in Applied science and an ‘A’ in mathematics!

My plans now are to join Greenwich university to study Computer security and Forensics in September and my qualification from ICS Learn will help my future studies.

I would recommend ICS Learn to anyone who has a dream of succeeding. Never give up on your dreams, if you think you can then you will and with the support of ICS Learn, it’s a really easy journey.

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