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A Level Student Stories: Craig Davies | A Level Psychology Review

Craig wanted more career satisfaction, so he decided to study a topic online that had always fascinated him: A Level Psychology.

My name is Craig and I’m 40 years old.

I work in the media and like many the pandemic opened my eyes a bit and I decided I wanted to do a job with a bit more job satisfaction so while working from home, I decided that during the evenings and weekends where I could no longer socialise.

I decided to study for the A Level Psychology qualification with ICS Learn, and take the first step into the world of psychology.

Having studied ten years ago with ICS Learn, I had no hesitation signing up for the A Level.

The course is set up perfectly and I actually prefer it to traditional classroom study as I work at my own pace.

I can take my time on areas where I am struggling and speed through the areas where I am more confident.

The course was a perfect balance of information, activities and progress checks, with helpful links to videos and articles relevant to the subject being studied.

My tutor was always quick to respond and I had a very positive experience.

I received a B in my A level having sat with an external exam board and I’m very happy.

Juggling work, family and study wasn’t easy but with ICS Learn it is really easy to keep on top of your progress.

I would always recommend ICS Learn as the perfect distance learning company because of the user-friendly platform, the depth of the course, the extra support and the response of the tutors.

The study is set up into easy chunks so you can sit down and work through the course in easily manageable sections and you are given how long each lesson should take so that you are able to manage other responsibilities.

My only regret is that the course is over because I enjoyed it so much.

I hope now to move on and do a Masters in psychology before pursuing a career in that field.

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