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A Level Stories: Harriet Blair | A Level History & English Literature Review

Harriet needed to pass her A Level History and English Literature to ensure she would meet college requirements, and despite COVID-19 and cancelled exams, she was incredibly happy with her results. Learn more about her story. 

Having been home educated for my whole life, and while I was used to studying independently, I knew that A Level qualifications could be very challenging and decided to use a distance learning provider to help support and guide me through the two years of studying A Levels.

Like many students beginning to study their A Levels, I was quite anxious about what would be expected of me. This anxiety was heightened by the fact that I would be studying two of them, English Literature and History, through distance learning.

I did not know quite what to expect from my courses, or from the support provided by ICS Learn. However, right from the start, my tutors at ICS Learn made me feel supported and much more confident in my abilities.

Throughout the two years I studied with ICS Learn, my tutors were always just an email or a phone call away and would go above and beyond to answer any queries or questions about the courses or the exams process that I had. 

The courses were written clearly and understandably and provided many opportunities to practice key exam skills through submitting essays to your tutor for marking or answering the quiz questions at the end of each unit.

As part of my studies, I was required to complete coursework essays for each subject, which would make up part of my final grade for my exams.

I was most concerned about this aspect of my course, as I had never completed essays of the length needed before, but I found myself enjoying the process of researching and writing my coursework essays with the support of my tutors, and this ended up being one of my favourite parts of the course!  

Having finally submitted all my coursework, I was busy studying and preparing to sit my exams in the summer 2020 series.

However, I was affected by the COVID-19 crisis as all my exams were cancelled just a few months before I was due to sit them.

Not being at a school, I was extremely worried about what might happen as I was not sure whether I would be able to receive a final grade for my A Levels.

I had recently been accepted with a conditional offer at a college to study HND Legal Services, with my conditions being that I passed all of my A Levels, and so my offer would have been withdrawn if I had not been able to receive my grades by August.

Through this stressful time, ICS Learn did their best to keep me informed about the latest government information relating to my A Levels.

I was required to sit exam papers over video call for ICS Learn to have enough evidence to provide an accurate centre assessment grade, which was stressful, but I did feel supported throughout the process.

Thankfully, my tutors were able to provide centre assessed grades for me, and I was able to gain my college place successfully!  

Whilst for me, like many, 2020 did not end up going exactly how I had planned, in the end, I was able to take the next step towards where I want to be.

I achieved AAB in my A Levels overall, grades which I was not expecting, but am thrilled with! Achieving this has allowed me to not only gain my college place, but also begin my research into what universities I would like to attend, and my grades will also go towards helping me gain my place on the degree of my choice.

My time studying with ICS Learn has undoubtedly helped me to change and grow as a learner and helped to make me more confident in my academic abilities.

For anyone considering studying through distance learning with ICS Learn, I would say go for it!

Whilst it is a challenging experience and requires dedication, you will be supported continuously on your journey, learn about subjects you’re passionate about, and gain qualifications which will help you to progress onto your next step in life.

Looking back, I know I made the right choice for me, and certainly should not have been as worried starting out as I was!

I can only thank ICS Learn and my amazing tutors for helping me on my journey.  

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