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The 7 Most Inspiring Career Blogs to Read This Year


For many of us, the coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns had us reevaluating what’s most important in our lives, from our close relationships to extracurriculars, and, of course, our professional careers.

For some, it seems the last year or so has validated their career paths, solidifying their belief that they’re on the right track. For others, however, the pandemic (not to mention the furlough scheme) brought upon the realisation that a career change was looming - in some cases, whether they’ve asked for it or not.

So, if you’re looking for a little post-pandemic career inspiration, then look no further! Below we highlight 7 of the most inspiring career blogs to read this year.

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1. Reed: Career Advice & Guidance

You’re most likely familiar with Reed.co.uk if you’ve done any online job searching in the UK over the last decade or so, however, what many people don’t realise is that Reed also provides an ample amount of jobs, courses, and careers advice for everyone. This includes those just stepping into the working world who may need to spruce up their CV to those who are looking to change or simply excel in their current role.

Featuring a comprehensive range of tips written by industry experts, you can expect to find first-class content on CVs, cover letters, personal statements, interviews, finding the right job for you, career progression, useful workplace tools and so, so much more.

Reed says that they want everyone to ‘find a job that helps them love Mondays’, and with the amount of incredible content they offer, we think they’ll help you do just that.

So whether you’re an active job seeker or simply just curious to see what information may be useful to you and your budding career, we couldn’t recommend this blog more.

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2. Student Job

What originally started out as an online job board created in 2000 by three Dutch students looking for part-time work, has now turned into a thriving employment agency catered specifically to Gen Z candidates. While Student Jobs main focus is to connect employers to the best candidates who are actively searching for jobs, their blog also acts as a great place for job seekers who need career and business advice as well as tips on leadership, ethics, current affairs, employee wellbeing, and work-life balance.

We recommend this blog to anyone who might be on the verge of finishing up their GCSEs, A Levels, or simply need to get their foot in the door of the new world of work with full-time, part-time, and weekend work, as well as placements, internships, and graduate positions.

We know that landing the role you want can be tough in the current economy, but with the help Student Jobs, you can join the other 6.6 million international candidates who are benefitting from their guidance and advice.

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3. Career Contessa

If you’re a career woman who is looking to be more successful, fulfilled, educated (and even healthier!) at work, then the Career Contessa blog is right up your alley. Created for women by women, this no-nonsense blog is a valuable resource for women at any stage in their careers - offering help and guidance without all of the confusing jargon and fluff mixed in.

With actionable career tips, advice, and solutions in the form of weekly articles, webinars, podcasts, worksheets - and more - Career Contessa will help you not only identify and reach your career goals but exceed them as well. Did we mention they also have regular Q+A sessions with intelligent and inspiring women about buzzing workplace trends and topics? What more could you ask for?

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4. The Undercover Recruiter

If you’re looking for straightforward, insightful content without the flourish, The Undercover Recruiter should be the first destination on your Google search. We love this blog because not only does it provide loads of comprehensive and insightful content from recruitment and other working professionals, but it’s also a great blog to visit if you’re looking for the best content surrounding career development, talent acquisition, workplace solutions, and employer branding.

Speaking of which, perhaps what sets this blog apart from others is its Employer Branding Podcast, a weekly show that features international employer brand leaders and trailblazers who share their best tactics and strategies to help employers, managers, and leaders understand, improve their reputation and employee value proposition. In sum, in conjunction with their Employer Brand Index, The Undercover Recruiter is a guide to standing out at work the right way, using the right tools - helping boost your career and organisation at the same time.

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5. The Muse

This blog is, in our humble opinion, one of the best around when it comes to blogs that inspire and motivate their readers. Chock-full of practical advice surrounding career development and exploration as well as all-around professional success, The Muse features tons of articles that discuss relevant, trending topics and issues that relate to the current employment market such as the challenges of remote work, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and how to design the perfect cover letter.

To add, the blog also features tons of essential job-search advice, insights into companies that are hiring right now, and important workforce news and upcoming events. So, if you’re looking to kickstart a new and fulfilling career, excel in the job you already have, or simply want to soak in some of the best advice from working professionals on getting ahead and staying ahead, then this blog is guaranteed to suit your fancy.

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6. Workology

Led by Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Jessica Miller-Merrell, this incredible blog reaches half a million HR professionals around the globe each month via their website, creating a platform that showcases Workology as both the ‘art and science of work’.

Specifically catered to HR and recruitment professionals, Workology is an all-encompassing digital resource for people professionals who want to want to shake things up and make a positive impact in their industry and organisation.

In other words, Workology focuses on creating workplace resources for HR leaders who are tired of the current status quo.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to give Workology a go, then perhaps you’ll be interested in joining fellow eager and innovative HR professionals in discussing the many current trends, tools, and case studies that will help you improve and ultimately transform how you approach and execute your HR strategies moving forward. What are you waiting for?

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7. Career Geek

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for expert advice on career planning, job hunting, education, and entrepreneurship, this blog is perfect for you.

Career Geek provides insight into industry-specific topics (i.e. Detailed Steps to Switch to a Career in Digital Marketing) as well as provides information to employers and job seekers alike who are looking for general but perceptive content to guide them through their workday. Their website also offers free CV scans, CV templates, or the option to download a job search eBook if you’re a recent graduate on the market for a new job.

Trust us, Career Geek has never been so chic.

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We hope this blog has given you enough inspiration to check out these career blogs, pursue daring job opportunities, or find new ways to excel in your current role.

Whatever the case may be, we wish you the best of luck! Inspired to find your dream career? Take control of your future with a 100% online professional qualification.