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The 5 Best Career Podcasts by Brilliant Women

Since 1975, we celebrate International Women’s Day around the world on March the 8th. This is a day dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements and contributions to society across our various social, economic, cultural, and political climates.

While it is a day of celebration, it’s also a day of protest and awareness, with a focus on helping women gain full and equal participation in global development.  

In 2020, the emerging worldwide consensus is that despite significant progress, real change has been slow concerning gender equality for most women.

However, while change may be slow, women are still taking leaps and bounds in their careers and daily lives – and they’re talking about it!

Below, we share five podcasts from brilliant women who influence and inspire men and women alike by sharing their stories and raising the bar for thoughtful conversations.


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1. Beyond the Business Suit with Kailei Carr

A champion for women in business and leadership, Kailei Carr is the CEO of The Asbury Group, an organisation committed to developing leaders through their signature programs and workshops.

She has been successful in creating a space where professionals can be vulnerable, ultimately helping them find their purpose and elevating their profile through image, presence and personal brand.

Carr’s advice to executive and executive-bound women is outstanding and has been featured in numerous media outlets including Fortune and The Oprah Winfrey Network.

Outside the conference room, Carr hosts her Beyond the Business Suit podcast, where she continues to be a source of inspiration to listeners, shedding light on topics and issues that can either help or hinder women through their career journey.

Many of her podcast episodes include interviews with authors, industry experts, coaches and entrepreneurs, among others. Other episodes highlight themes related to presence, personal branding, leadership, mindfulness, and beyond.


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2. Encyclopedia Womannica with Jenny Kaplan

Throughout history, women have been significantly underrepresented for their contributions to the world, and Wonder Media Network Co-Founder and journalist, Jenny Kaplan and her sister, Liz Kaplan, were having none of it.

After predominantly learning about the men who filled the bulk of their history books in school, the Kaplan sisters decided to create a platform that brought to light the many incredible women who have also made large impacts on history over the years.

Enter Encylopedia Womannica, a podcast hosted by Jenny Kaplan herself, and designed for people to tune in for just five minutes a day to learn about the lives and contributions of these impressive women.  

From dazzling female actresses to fearless civil rights activists, Kaplan leaves no stone unturned when it comes to telling you the stories of women you may or may not have heard about - but should absolutely know about. 

This enriching, insightful, and binge-worthy podcast is one we all need.

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3. The Broad Experience with Ashley Milne-Tyte

Ashley Milne-Tyte, a British-born and New York-based writer and public radio reporter, encourages conversations about women, the workplace, and success with her podcast and radio show The Broad Experience.

Milne-Tyte’s podcast has stood out since its start in 2012 with its goal of finding common ground between women of different ages from various backgrounds.  

While producing genuinely insightful and practical conversations about women and work, what is especially refreshing are the discussions she generates regarding the things that everyone’s thinking, but not always talking about.

Tackling everything from the art of negotiating to networking woes and how to say no to office housework, The Broad Experience offers honest insights on women and work, and how our experience in the workplace is different from that of our male associates.


Podcast Interview


4. How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Behind every success, there are always at least a few failures, and this stimulating podcast is a constant reminder to embrace those failures in and out of the workplace.

While recovering from a divorce and a sudden break-up, Elizabeth Day, an award-winning English journalist, broadcaster, and novelist, became inspired to host a podcast in which she would talk to people “about what they had learned from things going wrong”.

Ironically, this podcast became something she succeeded at the first time. Topping the charts almost immediately, Day earned herself two nominations for a British Podcast Award after starting the podcast in 2018, and she continues to delight listeners in 2020.

Every week, Day invites a new interviewee to explore what their failures taught them about how to succeed, ultimately celebrating the things that haven’t gone right.

Much like her writing, Day’s podcast is delicate but direct in delivery, ultimately inspiring you to “fail better” and try again.



5. In Good Company with Otegha Uwagba

Otegha Uwagba is a writer, brand consultant, and the founder of Women Who – a platform for creative working women.

Before the launch of her company, Uwagba wrote and published her first book titled Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women. This career guide earned her a spot as a Sunday Times bestseller – and did we mention she accomplished this by the time she was twenty-seven?  

As a motivational force in her industry, she aims to support women in the workplace and does so by creating a variety of career content through Women Who. However, another standout accomplishment of Uwagba’s – and why she made this list – is her In Good Company podcast.

She brings to the mic real-world advice, fresh ideas, and interviews with clever, successful women. Each episode is an honest, open conversation that is an essential listen for the modern working woman.

Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience – you’re in good company if you’re listening in.


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Empowering women is an essential part of the development of today’s society. In doing so, we enhance both the quality and quantity of any organisation’s most important asset – its people – and encourage positive change throughout the world.

So, take a listen to any and all of the five brilliant women mentioned above – you won’t be disappointed.

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